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Why You’re a Better Handicapper with BETMIX

Why You’re a Better Handicapper with BETMIX

If you’ve been to our site before then you know how we feel about BETMIX. It’s honestly the best handicapping tool we’ve ever come across. And trust me, we’ve come across a few handicapping tools claiming big things. Lucky for us, BETMIX claims big things and backs it up. We’ve cashed more winning tickets at HUGE prices since using BETMIX along side our own our handicapping efforts. It’s a deadly combination!

A couple weeks ago on Fountain of Youth day at Gulfstream Park we cleaned up. Back-to-back-to-back big Pick 3’s cashed in what might be our most impressive stretch ever. Totaling $3,632.50 on a total cost of $76!

$2,209.30 Pick 3 (Races 6-8): Cost $48

$592.20 Pick 3 (Races 7-9): Cost $16

$831.00 Pick 3 (Races 8-10): Cost $12

Even with that huge day it could have been even bigger. A non DQ cost us $24,000 on a $192 Pick 5 ticket… Don’t get me started.

But even with that,SimplePlays™ were on fire! The exact same methods we used to cash more than $140,000 at Gulfstream Park, including a $128,192.70 Rainbow Pick 6 on a $432 wager and $3,970.30 Pick 4 on $48 wager! The biggest day in history. That’s right, the deadly combo of BETMIX and some of our own our handicapping efforts!

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