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New Data on BETMIX Helps Dudes Cash $140,000 Today at Gulfstream Park

New Data on BETMIX Helps Dudes Cash $140,000 Today at Gulfstream Park

BETMIX recently made some changes to the Factor Detail display, making it incredibly effective on selecting horses in multi-race bets (Pick 3, Pick 4, etc). We demonstrated just that by backtesting and showing how you could have used this new feature to cash a $3,200 Pick 4 at Oaklawn Park. We also showed you just this week how BETMIX nearly pulled off a 55-1 upset at Gulfstream Park using this same new feature combined with our handicapping efforts.

So much information is available on one screen makes it much easier to sort the factors, but also introduces a level of uncertainty about which ones to use in your mixes or to use as additions to the BetPad.

Of course, BETMIX came up with a solution.

That solution was a new data point for each factor called TOP 4. This information was available in the factor detail pop-up, but wasn’t visible on the factor detail screen. It was a huge piece of information for Pick 3 and Pick 4 players like us. Now, rather than having to click on each factor pop-up, you can see that information on the main screen. TOP 4 tells you how often a horse that is ranked within the Top4 for a factor ends up winning a specific race type. If you are handicapping a race and see that a factor is producing 85% winners from the top 4, you might want to include all 4 of them in that leg of your bet.

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And wouldn’t you know it, using this new TOP 4 data point combined with our own custom handicapping, we (and our SimplePlays™ customers) cashed for more than $140,000 today at Gulfstream Park, including a $128,192.70 Rainbow Pick 6 on a $432 wager and $3,970.30 Pick 4 on $48 wager! The biggest day in history.

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