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It’s always good to stay on top of what major horse racing stakes races are approaching. The racing calendar is full of major upcoming stakes races including the Malibu, Pegasus World Cup, prep races for the Kentucky Derby, and more. Below are the upcoming stakes races for the month of December 2017.


December 16, 2017
New York Stallion Series (Fifth Ave. Div.)AquDec 16$150k g2yo f R6fDirt
Blushing K.D. SFGDec 16$75k g3&up f/mabt 8.5fTurf
Bonapaw SFGDec 16$75k g3&upabt 5.5fTurf
Buddy Diliberto Memorial SFGDec 16$75k g3&upabt 8.5fTurf
Letellier Memorial SFGDec 16$50k g2yo f6fDirt
Sugar Bowl SFGDec 16$50k g2yo6fDirt
Tenacious SFGDec 16$75k g3&up8.32fDirt
Harlan's Holiday S (GIII)GPDec 16$100k g3&up8.5fDirt
My Charmer (GIIIT)GPDec 16$100k g3&up f/m8fTurf
Rampart S (GIII)GPDec 16$100k g3&up f/m8fDirt
Sugar Swirl S (GIII)GPDec 16$100k g3&up f/m6fDirt
Tropical Turf (GIIIT)GPDec 16$100k g3&up8fTurf
Turquoise SJRADec 16$639k a3&up f/m8fTurf
King Glorious SLRCDec 16$100k g2yo c/g S8fDirt
KLAQ HSunDec 16$65k g3&up5fDirt
FTBOA City of Ocala Florida Sire STamDec 16$125k g3yo f S7fDirt
FTBOA Marion County Florida Sire STamDec 16$125k g3yo c/g S7fDirt
Inaugural STamDec 16#$100k g2yo c/g6fDirt
Sandpiper STamDec 16#$100k g2yo f6fDirt
December 17, 2017
New York Stallion Series (Great White Way Div.)AquDec 17$150k g2yo c/g R6fDirt
Asahi Hai Futurity S (JPN-IT)JRADec 17$1,257k a2yo8fTurf
Bill Wineberg SPMDec 17$16k a2yo c/g S5fDirt
Janet Wineberg SPMDec 17$16k a2yo f S5fDirt
Lethal Grande Oregon Sprint ChampionshipPMDec 17$16k a3&up S6fDirt
Oregon Distaff StarterPMDec 17$8,500 a3&up f/m S6fDirt
Oregon Fall StarterPMDec 17$8,500 a3&up S6fDirt
Oregon Hers SPMDec 17$16k a3yo f S6fDirt
Oregon His SPMDec 17$16k a3yo c/g S6fDirt
Jim Thorpe SRPDec 17$50k g3yo S8fDirt
Remington Springboard MileRPDec 17$400k g2yo8fDirt
She's All In SRPDec 17$100k g3&up f/m8.32fDirt
Trapeze SRPDec 17$100k g2yo f8fDirt
Useeit SRPDec 17$50k g3yo f S8fDirt
Johnie L. JamisonSunDec 17$85k g3&up S6.5fDirt
New Mexico State Racing Commission HSunDec 17$85k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
December 23, 2017
GravesendAquDec 23$100k g3&up6fDirt
Queens CountyAquDec 23$125k g3&up9fDirt
Tri-State FuturityCTDec 23$50k a2yo R7fDirt
Mr. Prospector S (GIII)GPDec 23$100k g3&up7fDirt
Hanshin Cup (JPN-IIT)JRADec 23$1,199k a3&up7fTurf
Kachina STuPDec 23$25k g3&up f/m8fDirt
December 24, 2017
Arima Kinen (JPN-IT)JRADec 24$5,355k a3&up12.5fTurf
December 26, 2017
Tiffany Lass SFGDec 26$50k g3&up f/m8.32fDirt
La Brea S (GI)SADec 26$300k g3yo f7fDirt
Malibu S (GI)SADec 26$300k g3yo7fDirt
Mathis Brothers Mile (GIIT)SADec 26$200k g3yo8fTurf
San Antonio S (GII)SADec 26$300k g3&up8.5fDirt
Cave Creek STuPDec 26$25k g3&up8fDirt
December 28, 2017
East View SAquDec 28$100k g2yo f S8fDirt
Hopeful S (JPN-IIT)JRADec 28$1,257k a2yo10fTurf
December 29, 2017
Bay Ridge SAquDec 29$100k g3&up f/m S9fDirt
Eddie Logan SSADec 29$75k a2yo8fTurf
Prairie Bayou STPDec 29$50k g3&up8.5fAW
December 30, 2017
Damon Runyon SAquDec 30$100k g2yo S8fDirt
Pago Hop SFGDec 30$75k g3yo fabt 8fTurf
Woodchopper SFGDec 30$75k g3yoabt 8fTurf
H. Allen Jerkens SGPDec 30$100k g3&up16fTurf
Tropical Park DerbyGPDec 30$75k g3yo8.5fTurf
Tropical Park OaksGPDec 30$75k g3yo f8.5fTurf
Via Borghese SGPDec 30$75k g3&up f/m9.5fTurf
Dave's Friend SLrlDec 30$100k g3&up6fDirt
Gin Talking SLrlDec 30$100k g2yo f7fDirt
Heft SLrlDec 30$100k g2yo7fDirt
Jennings SLrlDec 30$75k g3&up S8fDirt
Politely SLrlDec 30$75k g3&up f/m S6fDirt
Thirty Eight Go Go SLrlDec 30$100k g3&up f/m8fDirt
American Oaks (GIT)SADec 30$300k g3yo f10fTurf
Midnight Lute S (GIII)SADec 30$100k g3&up6.5fDirt
Robert J. Frankel S (GIIIT)SADec 30$100k g3&up f/m9fTurf
La Senora SSunDec 30$85k g2yo f S6fDirt
Lightning City STamDec 30#$100k g3&up f/m5fTurf
Turf DashTamDec 30#$100k g3&up5fTurf
Arizona Juvenile Fillies STuPDec 30$30k g2yo f6.5fDirt
Lost in the Fog Juvenile STuPDec 30$30k g2yo6.5fDirt
December 31, 2017
Alex M. Robb SAquDec 31$100k g3&up S9fDirt
Louisiana FuturityFGDec 31$100k e2yo c/g S6fDirt
Louisiana FuturityFGDec 31$100k e2yo f S6fDirt
Blue Norther SSADec 31$75k a2yo f8fTurf
4 Rivers/John Deere SSunDec 31$85k g2yo S6fDirt
Bold Ego HSunDec 31$65k g3&up f/m5.5fDirt


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