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The Dudes are here for you 24/7. Maybe it’s a bad beat. Possibly you’re interested in advertising with us. No matter if you are Luis Saez-kind of mad, whatever it is, we got you.

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Before Emailing Us, Here are Some of our Frequently Asked Questions that Could Help

1. Why can’t I see the purchase I made? 

If your purchase does not show up, try logging out of your account, and then logging back in first. If the problem persists, it most likely means that you typed your email address in wrong when purchasing, in which case you can email us and we will change the purchase to the right account.

2. When I login it just says “loading?” 

This can happen if your browser gets “stuck.” If your browser gets stuck displaying the “loading” screen when logging in, a simple clearing of your cache and browser history will correct the problem the majority of the time.

3. What does “multi race” mean? 

The “multi race” category contains the horses we recommend you use in the Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, ect. wagers. To use these, you combine the numbers from each race to form your tickets. For example, say you wanted to play a Pick 3 starting with the first race. You would combine the multi race horses listed in Race 1, Race 2, and Race 3 to form your ticket.

4. How do I cancel my subscription? 

To cancel your subscription, just shoot as an email to let us know. We can assist you with any needs with your account.

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Recent Payouts

Will Rogers Downs $112.80
May 10, 2021 Race 9 Superfecta
Will Rogers Downs $148.40
May 10, 2021 Race 7 Superfecta
Thistledown $144.40
May 10, 2021 Race 5 Superfecta
Prairie Meadows $269.40
May 10, 2021 Race 1 Superfecta
Parx Racing $149.40
May 10, 2021 Race 2 Superfecta

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