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Thursday - Mar 21, 2019

Track (Races) Notes Scratches
Hollywood Casino At Charles Town Races (8) 1
Turf Paradise (1) 2
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Thursday - Mar 21, 2019

Track (Races) Notes Scratches
Fair Grounds (11) $641.40 Pick 4 HIT Friday 2
Golden Gate Fields (7) $1,906.40 Pick 4 HIT Sunday
Gulfstream Park (10) $25,518.20 Pick 6 CRUSHED Saturday
Hollywood Casino At Charles Town Races (8)
Oaklawn Park (9) 1
Penn National (8) $1,624.40 Superfeca Hit Friday 2
Remington Park (11)
Turfway Park (8) 2
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3/19Parx Race 3Superfecta $124.60
3/19Parx Race 4-5Daily Double $211.60
3/19Parx Race 3-5Pick 3$300.20
3/19Parx Race 4-6Pick 3$270.40
3/19Sam Houston Race 2Trifecta $258.00
3/19Sam Houston Race 1-2Daily Double $115.20
3/19Sam Houston Race 3Trifecta $214.20
3/19Sam Houston Race 2-3Daily Double $123.80
3/19Sam Houston Race 1-3Pick 3 $1,018.20
3/19Turf Paradise Race 1Trifecta $117.80
3/19Turf Paradise Race 5-6Daily Double $110.40
3/19Turf Paradise Race 4-6Pick 3$199.20
3/18Louisiana Downs Race 5-7Pick 3$233.80
3/18Louisiana Downs Race 4-7Pick 4$2,626.60
3/18Turf Paradise Race 2-4Pick 3$167.80
3/17Aqueduct Race 3-5Pick 3$205.00
3/17Aqueduct Race 6Superfecta $269.00
3/17Aqueduct Race 4-6Pick 3$339.50
3/17Fair Grounds Race 4Superfecta $116.20
3/17Golden Gate Race 10Trifecta $840.20
3/17Golden Gate Race 9-10Daily Double $261.40
3/17Golden Gate Race 10-11Daily Double $117.00
3/17Golden Gate Race 9-11Pick 3 $1,014.00
3/17Golden Gate Race 10-12Pick 3$242.60
3/17Golden GateRace 9-12Pick 4 $1,906.40
3/17Gulfstream ParkRace 3Superfecta $245.40
3/17Gulfstream Park Race 4Trifecta $118.20
3/17Gulfstream Park Race 4Superfecta $311.20
3/17Gulfstream Park Race 11Superfecta $192.00
3/17Laurel Park Race 2Trifecta $381.20
3/17Laurel Park Race 1-2Daily Double$145.60
3/17Laurel Park Race 1-3Pick 3$464.20
3/17Laurel Park Race 8Superfecta $488.20
3/17Sunland Park Race 1-4Pick 4 $466.00
3/17Sunland Park Race 8Trifecta $246.60
3/17Tampa Bay Downs Race 4Trifecta $765.80
3/17Tampa Bay Downs Race 4Superfecta $2,578.00
3/17Turf Paradise Race 8Superfecta $203.80
3/16Aqueduct Race 4Superfecta $228.00
3/16Aqueduct Race 7-9Pick 3 $153.00
3/16Aqueduct Race 6-9Pick 4 $446.48
3/16Charles Town Race 2Superfecta $172.60
3/16 Fair GroundsRace 1Trifecta $113.80
3/16Fair Grounds Race 3Trifecta $104.60
3/16Fair Grounds Race 1-3Pick 3 $153.60
3/16Golden Gate Race 7Superfecta $119.40
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 6-8Pick 3$257.00
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 9Trifecta $203.80
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 7-9Pick 3$168.20
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 6-9Pick 4$438.20
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 10Suerfectecta$262.80
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 8-10Pick 3$121.00
3/16Gulfstream ParkRace 9-11Pick 3$328.20
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 10-12Pick 3$457.20
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 13Exacta $185.80
3/16Gulfstream ParkRace 12-13Daily Double $270.40
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 11-13Pick 3 $2,311.80
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 10-13Pick 4$8,726.40
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 9-13Pick 5$15,961.40
3/16Gulfstream Park Race 8-13Pick 6$25,518.20
3/16Hawthorne Race 5Superfecta $142.00
3/16Laurel Park Race 2-4Pick 3$324.20
3/16Laurel ParkRace 4-5Daily Double $142.40
3/16Laurel Park Race 3-5Pick 3$211.00
3/16Laurel ParkRace 2-5Pick 4 $1,894.40
3/16Laurel Park Race 4-6Pick 3$547.60
3/16Laurel Park Race 5-7Pick 3$186.80
3/16Laurel Park Race 4-7Pick 4$2,599.40
3/16Oaklawn Park Race 8Superfecta $302.80
3/16Oaklawn Park Race 11Exacta $128.20
3/16Oaklawn Park Race 10-11Daily Double $190.60
3/16Penn National Race 4-6Pick 3$140.20
3/16Penn National Race 5-7Pick 3 $109.60
3/16Penn National Race 6-8Pick 3$164.80
3/16Penn National Race 5-8Pick 4 $250.20
3/16Remington Park Race 7Trifecta $126.00
3/16Sunland Park Race 5Trifecta $1,832.00
3/16Tampa Bay Downs Race 1Trifecta $164.80
3/16Tampa Bay Downs Race 4Trifecta $148.80
3/15Aqueduct Race 1Superfecta $160.00
3/15Aqueduct Race 1-3Pick 3$118.50
3/15Charles Town Race 1-3Pick 3 $243.00
3/15Fair Grounds Race 2Exacta $114.80
3/15Fair Grounds Race 1-2Daily Double $136.80
3/15Fair Grounds Race 2-3Daily Double$100.40
3/15Fair Grounds Race 1-3Pick 3$552.00
3/15Fair Grounds Race 2-4Pick 3$107.20
3/15Fair Grounds Race 1-4Pick 4$641.40
3/15Golden Gate Race 3Trifecta $239.60
3/15Golden Gate Race 3Superfecta $528.20
3/15Golden Gate Race 1-3Pick 3$282.00
3/15Golden Gate Race 5Trifecta $150.20
3/15Golden Gate Race 5Superfecta $1,096.20
3/15Gulfstream Park Race 4-6Pick 3$149.20
3/15Gulfstream Park Race 7Trifecta $182.40
3/15Gulfstream Park Race 5-7Pick 3 $199.40
3/15Gulfstream Park Race 9Exacta $140.60
3/15Laurel Park Race 5Exacta $205.80
3/15Laurel Park Race 6Trifecta $283.00
3/15Laurel Park Race 6Superfecta $889.60
3/15Laurel Park Race 4-6Pick 3$274.40
3/15Laurel Park Race 5-7Pick 3 $289.40
3/15Laurel Park Race 5-8Pick 4$987.00
3/15Laurel Park Race 6-9Pick 4$190.00
3/15Laurel Park Race 5-9Pick 5$4,247.20
3/15Laurel Park Race 4-9Pick 6$1,412.48
3/15Los Alamitos Race 3Trifecta $110.40
3/15Los Alamitos Race 5Trifecta $121.80
3/15Mahoning Valley Race 4Trifecta $190.60
3/15Mahoning ValleyRace 4Superfecta $689.80
3/15Mahoning Valley Race 2-4Pick 3$352.00
3/15Mahoning Valley Race 5Trifecta $166.40
3/15Mahoning Valley Race 5Superfecta $304.00
3/15Mahoning Valley Race 4-6Pick 3$190.20
3/15Mahoning ValleyRace 8Trifecta $231.60
3/15Mahoning ValleyRace 5-8Pick 4$1,084.00
3/15Oaklawn Park Race 1-4Pick 4$387.40
3/15Penn National Race 2Trifecta $656.80
3/15Penn National Race 2Superfecta $1,624.40
3/15Penn National Race 1-3Pick 3$878.80
3/15Penn National Race 6-8Pick 3$164.80
3/15Penn National Race 5-8Pick 4$301.20
3/15Tampa Bay Downs Race 3Trifecta$226.40
3/15Tampa Bay Downs Race 3Superfecfa $673.80
3/15Tampa Bay Downs Race 6Trifecta $156.80
3/15Tampa Bay DownsRace 6Superfecta $696.00
3/14Charles Town Race 5Trifecta $179.60
3/14Charles TownRace 5-7Pick 3$143.60
3/14Charles Town Race 5-8Pick 4 $268.00
3/14Fair Grounds Race 5Trifecta $153.80
3/14Golden GateRace 7Trifecta $113.60
3/14Golden Gate Race 7Superfecta $251.40
3/14Gulfstream Park Race 2Trifecta $108.20
3/14Gulfstream Park Race 2-5Pick 4 $246.20
3/14Gulfstream Park Race 1-5Pick 5$344.60
3/14Oaklawn Park Race 1Trifecta $104.80
3/14Oaklawn Park Race 1Superfecta $353.60
3/14Penn National Race 4-6Pick 3$115.40
3/14Penn National Race 5-7Pick 3$136.60
3/14Penn National Race 8Superfecta $177.60
3/14Penn National Race 6-8Pick 3 $150.60
3/14Penn National Race 5-8Pick 4 $262.00
3/14Penn National Race 3-8Pick 6$601.66
3/14Turfway Park Race 1Trifecta$176.20
3/14Turfway Park Race 3-5Pick 3$114.00
3/14Turfway Park Race 4-6Pick 3 $120.40
3/14Turfway Park Race 5-8Pick 4$245.40
3/20Gulfstream Park Race 9Superfecta $136.60
3/20Louisiana Downs Race 7Trifecta $280.60
3/20Louisiana Downs Race 4-7Pick 4$207.20
3/20Mahoning Valley Race 2Trifecta $165.00
3/20Tampa Bay Downs Race 4Trifecta $362.40
3/20Tampa Bay Downs Race 1-5Pick 5$304.40
3/20Tampa Bay Downs Race 9Trifecta $116.40
3/20Tampa Bay Downs Race 10Trifecta $318.40
3/20Tampa Bay Downs Race 10Superfecta $966.40
3/20Tampa Bay Downs Race 7-10Pick 4$149.20
3/20Turf Paradise Race 2Exacta $110.40
3/20Turf Paradise Race 3Trifecta $175.20
3/20Turf Paradise Race 3Superfecta $631.60
3/13Gulfstream Park Race 8Superfecta $174.20
3/13Louisiana Downs Race 5-7Pick 3$360.00
3/13Mahoning Valley Race 4Trifecta $195.60
3/13Mahoning ValleyRace 2-4Pick 3$110.40
3/13Tampa Bay Downs Race 3-5Pick 3 $137.60
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