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Recent Payouts

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7/22Delaware Park Race 6-7Daily Double $185.20
7/22Delaware Park Race 5-7Pick 3 $156.40
7/22Finger Lakes Race 1-3Pick 3$122.48
7/22Finger Lakes Race 5-8Pick 4$240.00
7/22Louisiana Downs Race 6Trifecta $143.40
7/22Louisiana Downs Race 4-6Pick 3 $146.00
7/22Louisiana Downs Race 5-7Pick 3 $111.20
7/22Louisianan Downs Race 4-7Pick 4$368.00
7/22Mountaineer Race 1Trifecta $101.60
7/22Mountaineer Race 1Superfecta $281.20
7/22Mountaineer Race 5Trifecta $290.00
7/22Mountaineer Race 2-5Pick 4$108.20
7/22Presque Isle Downs Race 1-4Pick 4 $211.20
7/22Thistledown Race 1-4Pick 4$201.20
7/21Arizona DownsRace 1-3Pick 3$100.60
7/21Arizona DownsRace 6Trifecta $106.20
7/21Del Mar Race 3-5Pick 3$260.20
7/21Ellis Park Race 2-5Pick 4$152.40
7/21Emerald Downs Race 4Trifecta $322.60
7/21Emerald Downs Race 2-4Pick 3 $651.40
7/21Emerald Downs Race 1-4Pick 4$659.40
7/21Emerald Downs Race 3-5Pick 3$169.80
7/21Emerald Downs Race 6Trifecta $431.40
7/21Emerald Downs Race 4-6Pick 3$580.20
7/21Fort Erie Race 1-4Pick 4 $157.00
7/21Fort Erie Race 2-6Pick 5$231.90
7/21Gulfstream Park Race 1-3Pick 3 $243.40
7/21Gulfstream Park Race 2-4Pick 3 $116.80
7/21Gulfstream Park Race 2-5Pick 4$311.80
7/21Gulfstream Park Race 1-5Pick 5$2,465.60
7/21Gulfstream ParkRace 7Trifecta $145.20
7/21Gulfstream Park Race 8-11Pick 4$501.00
7/21Gulfstream Park Race 7-11Pick 5$985.20
7/21Gulfstream Park Race 6-11Pick 6$781.88
7/21Lone Star ParkRace 8Trifecta $278.00
7/21Lone Star Park Race 6-8Pick 3$136.40
7/21Los AlamitosRace 1-4Pick 4$314.80
7/21Mountaineer Race 3Superfecta $120.80
7/21Praire Meadows Race 1-3Pick 3 $129.00
7/21Praire Meadows Race 6Trifecta $118.00
7/21Prairie Meadows Race 6Superfecta$277.80
7/21Presque Isle Downs Race 2Trifecta $120.80
7/21Presque Isle Downs Race 1-4Pick 4$161.00
7/21Sacramento Race 5Trifecta $117.20
7/21Sacramento Race 5-8Pick 4$367.20
7/21Sacramento Race 4-8Pick 5 $615.60
7/21Saratoga Race 3Trifecta $235.48
7/21Saratoga Race 3Superfecta $799.00
7/21Saratoga Race 4-6Pick 3$117.80
7/21Saratoga Race 3-6Pick 4$428.48
7/21Saratoga Race 5-7Pick 3$341.00
7/21Woodbine Race 11Trifecta $145.20
7/21Woodbine Race 11Superfecta $532.50
7/20Arlington Park Race 4Superfecta $251.40
7/20Charles Town Race 5Superfecta $155.80
7/20Del MarRace 6-8Pick 3$238.20
7/20Emerald Downs Race 5Trifecta $337.00
7/20Fairmount Park Race 5Trifecta $197.00
7/20Gulfstream Park Race 5Superfecta $120.80
7/20Gulfstream Park Race 3-5Pick 3 $105.80
7/20Gulfstream Park Race 6Trifecta $102.00
7/20Gulfstream Park Race 5-8Pick 4$145.40
7/20Gulfstream Park Race 8-10Pick 3$339.20
7/20Gulfstream Park Race 9-11Pick 3$433.20
7/20Gulfstream Park Race 10-12Pick 3$552.40
7/20Gulfstream Park Race 9-12Pick 4$1,190.80
7/20Gulfstream Park Race 8-12Pick 5$4,410.40
7/20Gulfstream Park Race 7-12Pick 6$2,887.42
7/20Hastings Race 3-7Pick 5$572.80
7/20Hastings Race 6-9Pick 3 $255.80
7/20Indiana Grand Race 2-3Daily Double $256.20
7/20Indiana Grand Race 1-3Pick 3$329.60
7/20Indiana Grand Race 2-4Pick 3$405.80
7/20Indiana Grand Race 2-5Pick 4$1,007.20
7/20Indiana Grand Race 1-5Pick 5$2,024.40
7/20Lone Star Race 4Trifecta $134.20
7/20Lone Star Race 8Superfecta $123.20
7/20Los Alamitos Race 1Trifecta $543.40
7/20Los Alamitos Race 2Trifecta $233.40
7/20Los Alamitos Race 1-4Pick 4$268.60
7/20Los Alamitos Race 5Trifecta $181.80
7/20Los Alamitos Race 3-5Pick 3$112.40
7/20Los Alamitos Race 5-8Pick 4$866.60
7/20Los Alamitos Race 3-8Pick 6$2,813.80
7/20Los Alamitos Race 8Trifecta $138.20
7/20Louisiana Downs Race 3Trifecta $106.40
7/20Louisiana Downs Race 3Superfecta $224.80
7/20Louisiana Downs Race 4-7Pick 4$212.20
7/20Louisiana Downs Race 3-7Pick 5 $1,700.40
7/20Louisiana Downs Race 2-7Pick 6 $345.63
7/20Prairie Meadows Race 1-3Pick 3$418.60
7/20Prairie Meadows Race 2-4Pick 3$152.60
7/20Prairie Meadows Race 2-5Pick 4$367.20
7/20Prairie Meadows Race 6-9Pick 4$167.20
7/20Prairie Meadows Race 5-9Pick 5$296.60
7/20Ruidoso Downs Race 8-10Pick 3$108.80
7/20Sacramento Race 5Superfecta $173.60
7/20Sacramento Race 6Superfecta $130.60
7/20Sacramento Race 5-7Pick 3$252.20
7/20Thistledown Race 1Superfecta $163.40
7/20Thistledown Race 1-4Pick 4$114.80
7/20Woodbine Race 1-3Pick 3$126.10
7/19Arlington Park Race 3Trifecta $112.20
7/19Evangeline Race 7Trifecta $210.20
7/19Evangeline Race 7Superfecta $924.80
7/19Evangeline Race 5-7Pick 3$203.80
7/19Gulfstream Park Race 1-3Pick 3$162.20
7/19Gulfstream ParkRace 2-5Pick 4 $163.80
7/19Gulfstream Park Race 1-5Pick 5$433.80
7/19Gulfstream Park Race 8Trifecta $126.20
7/19Hastings Race 3Trifecta $235.40
7/19Lone Star Race 2-5Pick 4$117.00
7/19Los Alamitos Race 2-4Pick 3$206.40
7/19Los Alamitos Race 1-4Pick 4$295.80
7/19Los Alamitos Race 3-5Pick 3$222.20
7/19Monmouth Park Race 5-7Pick 3$159.80
7/19Monmouth Park Race 6-8Pick 3 $256.20
7/19Monmouth Park Race 7-9Pick 3$308.40
7/19Monmouth Park Race 6-9Pick 4$984.40
7/19Monmouth Park Race 5-9Pick 5$1,388.20
7/19Monmouth Park Race 4-9Pick 6$473.26
7/19Prairie Meadows Race 4-6Pick 3$119.80
7/19Prairie Meadows Race 5-7Pick 3$242.40
7/19Prairie Meadows Race 6-8Pick 3 $255.40
7/19Ruidoso Downs Race 3Trifecta $574.60
7/19Ruidoso Downs Race 1-4Pick 4$484.60
7/19Sacramento Race 5Superfecta $151.60
7/19Sacramento Race 5-7Pick 3$116.00
7/19Sacramento Race 8Superfecta $132.00
7/19Sacramento Race 5-8Pick 4$292.80
7/19Sacramento Race 4-8Pick 5$1,228.00
7/19Saratoga Race 1Superfecta $105.40
7/19Saratoga Race 3Exacta $109.00
7/19Saratoga Race 3Trifecta $548.00
7/19Saratoga Race 3Superfecta $3,664.00
7/19Saratoga Race 3-5Pick 3$173.50
7/19Saratoga Race 2-5Pick 4$421.48
7/19Saratoga Race 1-5Pick 5$766.00
7/18Arlington Park Race 3Trifecta $138.20
7/18Arlington Park Race 3Superfecta $506.20
7/18Arlington Park Race 5Superfecta $179.80
7/18Arlington Park Race 3-5Pick 3$135.00
7/18Belterra Park Race 3Trifecta $258.20
7/18Belterra Park Race 3Superfecta $588.20
7/18Belterra Park Race 1-3Pick 3$188.20
7/18Charles Town Race 5-7Pick 3$153.40
7/18Charles Town Race 6-8Pick 3$216.00
7/18Charles Town Race 5-8Pick 4$786.80
7/18Charles Town Race 3-8Pick 6$3,787.00
7/18Del Mar Race 2Trifecta $125.20
7/18Del Mar Race 2Superfecta $241.20
7/18Del Mar Race 2-3Daily Double $138.80
7/18Del Mar Race 1-3Pick 3$321.00
7/18Del MarRace 2-4Pick 3$709.40
7/18Del Mar Race 3-5Pick 3$417.20
7/18Del Mar Race 2-5Pick 4$4,164.20
7/18Del Mar Race 1-5Pick 5$11,007.00
7/18Evangeline Race 4Trifecta $114.60
7/18Evangeline Race 4Superfecta$195.20
7/18Evangeline Race 5Trifecta $179.80
7/18Evangeline Race 5Superfecta $417.60
7/18Evangeline Race 3-5Pick 3$222.20
7/18Evangeline Race 7Superfecta $167.40
7/18Evangeline Race 6-9Pick 4$125.20
7/18Evangeline Race 5-9Pick 5$298.60
7/18Gulfstream Park Race 2Superfecta $118.40
7/18Indiana Grand Race 4Trifecta $519.40
7/18Laurel Park Race 8Trifecta $136.40
7/18Prairie Meadows Race 2-5Pick 4$109.80
7/18Presque Isle Downs Race 3Superfecta $125.80
7/18Presque Isle Downs Race 1-4Pick 4$164.20
7/18Presque Isle Downs Race 6-8Pick 3$164.00
7/18Presque Isle Downs Race 5-8Pick 4$874.20
7/18Presque Isle Downs Race 4-8Pick 5$2,593.80
7/18Presque Isle Downs Race 3-8Pick 6$1,980.52
7/17Del Mar Race 4Trifecta $244.40
7/17Del Mar Race 3-5Pick 3$258.00
7/17Del MarRace 2-5Pick 4$986.00
7/17Del Mar Race 1-5Pick 5$1,919.60
7/17Del Mar Race 9Trifecta $444.60
7/17Evangeline Race 4Trifecta $131.00
7/17Finger Lakes Race 2Superfecta $128.40
7/17Indiana Grand Race 1-3Pick 3$142.20
7/17Indiana Grand Race 6-8Pick 3$198.20
7/17Presque Isle Downs Race 6-8Pick 3 $106.40
7/17Presque Isle Downs Race 5-8Pick 4$398.80
7/17Saratoga Race 2Superfecta $194.40
7/17Saratoga Race 3Superfecta $130.40
7/17Saratoga Race 3-4Daily Double $183.50
7/17Saratoga Race 4-5Daily Double $151.50
7/17Saratoga Race 3-5Pick 3$481.00
7/16Finger Lakes Race 2Superfecta $374.00
7/16Finger Lakes Race 4Trifecta $297.48
7/16Finger Lakes Race 2-4Pick 3 $304.48
7/16Finger Lakes Race 1-4Pick 4 $614.00
7/16Fort Erie Race 3Trifeta $114.40
7/16Fort Erie Race 2-5Pick 4$136.50
7/16Fort Erie Race 6Superfecta $253.60
7/16Indiana Grand Race 3Trifecta $135.40
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 2Trifecta $110.80
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 2Superfecta $319.60
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 4Exacta $177.80
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 3-4Daily Double $141.60
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 2-4Pick 3$566.00
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 3-5Pick 3$492.40
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 4-6Pick 3 $177.20
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 7Trifecta $471.20
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 7Superfecta $935.80
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 4-7Pick 4$1,587.80
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 3-7Pick 5$5,068.80
7/16Louisiana Downs Race 2-7Pick 6$1,140.30
7/16Mountaineer Race 6-9PIck 4$181.00
7/16Parx Race 5Trifecta $848.60
7/16ParxRace 4-6Pick 3$615.00
7/16ParxRace 5-7Pick 3$223.60
7/16ParxRace 6-8Pick 3$119.00
7/16ParxRace 5-8Pick 4 $748.60
7/16Presque Isle Downs Race 4-6Pick 3$240.20
7/16Thistledown Race 5-8Pick 4$112.80
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