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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Horse Racing Fanatic

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Horse Racing Fanatic

We did this post last year, and due to its popularity, it’s BACK!

The horse player is a different breed of cat and sometimes hard to shop for when the holiday season time rolls around.  The player doesn’t require much, just some cash, a TV for watching races, and a betting machine close by to make a wager. Don’t panic if you’re at a loss for gift ideas; we have you covered! At, we truly serve all of your needs, including gift shopping for horse racing enthusiasts. Some of the same items as last year still appear on this year’s list, but there are some new ones as well! Here are our top 10 ideas:

1. Monthly Subscription to Racing Dudes/Guaranteed Tip Sheet

You may think that this is a terribly shameless plug (which it totally is), but in all seriousness, this isn’t the worst gift idea. Horse players like to try things out before purchasing, so a FREE subscription to our premium picks gives them the chance without having to spend their own money. This is big because players like to save as much money as possible (sometimes not eating all day long) in order to have more money for gambling.

2. Credit Voucher

I know what you’re thinking… a credit voucher? How lame is that? It’s like giving someone cash. You are so wrong. You aren’t giving us the equivalent of cash; you’re giving us what we so desperately want: a FREE BET! There’s no better gift that you can give a horse player. One of the best days in racing is December 26 when Santa Anita opens for the winter season, so giving a credit voucher on the 25th gives a head start to the next day. I get a $50 voucher from my aunt nearly every year and consider it a highlight of the holiday season.

3. Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV

Now that TVG has announced their brand-new app on Apple TV and Amazon Fire, this is a must for all players. The app allows for viewing TVG, TVG 2, and TVG Racebook in “crystal clear” HD. Just TVG and TVG 2 are great to have, but TVG Racebook allows you to watch FIVE tracks at one time without having to flip between channels or use your computer. It’s like being at your local OTB while sitting at home and relaxing on the couch.

4. Photo or Painting of Favorite Horse or Race Track

On last year’s list at number 9, it’s moved up to number 4 this year! We love photos or paintings to hang in our horse rooms, or just around the house wherever we please! Horse players idolize their favorite horses, and their favorite tracks aren’t just a place to bet and mingle, but rather, a holy land where dreams live. If your significant other is really nice, you might even be able to sneak one or two into your living room!

5. Tickets to the Kentucky Derby or Another Big Event

Nothing beats a big-time horse racing event! It doesn’t have to even be the Kentucky Derby; it can be any event that the horse player usually attends. This is not only a nice gesture, but it saves the player from having to buy tickets themselves, which means it gives them more money to MAKE BETS! As I said earlier, that’s the main thing that interests horse players. At this year’s Breeders’ Cup, we met a few people that had gotten the tickets as birthday gifts and they were smiling from ear to ear.

6. Memorabilia from Favorite Horse, Jockey, or Track

Anything from autographs to used equipment to even something small like a t-shirt or hat will suit us fine! You have to remember that horse racing memorabilia is not accessible in the same way as something with our favorite sports team on it. Things like this are hard to find, but when we get our hands on something supporting horse racing, we wear it with pride. Memorabilia can be found all over my office.

7. “Southbound” by Jason Beem

A fictional book about a guy with a gambling problem. Beem does an excellent job capturing the inner workings of the mind of a horse player while taking you on a very entertaining adventure. This book is relatable to any horse fan on several levels and is a fun read that’s not serious, unlike all of the handicapping books out there. This year, our editor, Curtis Kalleward, got me a signed copy of the book!

8. “Betting With An Edge” by Mike Maloney with Peter Fornatale

A friend once told me, “If you are a big handicapper, this book is a must.” The book highlights Maloney, a full-time horse player, and some of his secrets to success. He also talks about important topics such as betting psychology, which is rarely mentioned in other racing books. Co-author Peter Fornatale ties it all together in a great way.

9. Trip to a Horse Museum or Farm

Many times, a trip to a museum or a tour of a breeding farm is FREE, but it can still be a very memorable day for fans. Several tours can be arranged at major farms with a simple phone call or email. Seeing horses in this setting is something that means a lot to us horse players, and so will touring museums and learning about the history of the sport.

10. Named Donation to the San Luis Rey Fire Recovery

The tragic fires at San Luis Rey shook up the horse racing world, but the community responded in a major way with donations and volunteer work. Racing fans care about the horses over everything else, and both the horses and the people still need help to recover. A donation made in the horse player’s name would give great joy.

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