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The World’s Biggest Horse Racing Events

The World’s Biggest Horse Racing Events

Some of the world’s biggest sporting events involve horse racing, and there’s that no doubt that people from all walks of life assemble in celebration to witness amazing races featuring the most beautiful thoroughbreds. Each race is filled with adrenaline (not to mention high-stakes betting), along with some of the most glamorous outfits adorned by celebs and even royalty.

To give you more insight into these top events, let’s take a look at some of the most significant races held around the world to discover why horse racing is considered as an elite sport followed by the rich and famous.

Dubai World Cup

Since 1996, the Dubai World Cup’s $10 million purse has helped make it one of the world’s biggest horse racing events. The impressive equine displays take place in nine action-packed races: eight thoroughbred contests and one Purebred Arabian gala. Until 2017, the Dubai World Cup was the world’s richest race, when the $12 million Pegasus World Cup surpassed it. However, that title returned east when the Pegasus World Cup reduces its 2019 purse down to $9 million.

Pegasus World Cup

The American horse racing event has held its own since 2017 while making international headlines. The event takes place in Florida and is renowned for the massive purse, which increased over the past two years from $12 million to a whopping $16 million. Bettors have set up betting pools across the internet as well as on the track. In 2019, the Pegasus World Cup Day adds a turf race, the $7 million Pegasus World Cup Turf Invitational Stakes. The Pegasus World Cup will now offer a purse of $9 million.

Baden Baden

The Baden Baden racecourse in Germany, which hosts three massive horse racing events each year, is one of the sport’s most celebrated events. The first of the three events is held over a six-day period from the end of May into the early days of June. The second part of the annual Baden Baden festivities runs for six days from the end of August to the beginning of September. The final event is held for a short period of just three days in October. The main event is the second gala, which entertains an audience of over 20 000 people.

Melbourne Cup

This annual 3,200-meter marathon is one of the world’s most anticipated races. Held in Melbourne, competing horses from as young as 3 years of age contend for the Cup title. Held at Victoria Racing Club, the racecourse has seen some of the most memorable racing events on an annual basis and seems to be increasing in popularity. In all of the world’s horse racing memorable rides, the Melbourne Cup remains a favorite amongst bettors.

Some of the highest bids in the world are bet on horse races making the above some of the most popular sports betting events. Throughout the year there are a series of smaller events which are also popular among punters, however, they aren’t as lucrative as the World Cups held in all corners of the world.

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