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Racing Dudes Weekly Football Tip Sheet: October 22-23

Racing Dudes Weekly Football Tip Sheet: October 22-23

Horses may be our thing, but we are huge sports fans and always looking for a great betting opportunity. Each weekend we take a look over all college and NFL football games and give you our top plays. Resident sports gambling degenerate Austin Elsey is here to help us out as well.

Jared Welch

Last Weekend: 4-1

Overall Record: 13-12

Well, well, well. Look who’s now leader of the pack. Nearly went 5-0 last weekend if not for a terrible no-call to end the Falcons/Seahawks game last Sunday. How is that not pass interference? Still, a very profitable week that also included getting Dallas at a big price. I gave no explanations last week, just bets. So let’s try that again.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings -3

NFL: Washington Redskins/Detroit Lions OVER 50

NFL: Baltimore Ravens/New York Jets UNDER 41

NFL: San Diego Chargers +210

NFL: New England Patriots -7

Aaron Halterman

Last Weekend: 2-3

Overall Record: 12-12-1

NCAAF: Arkansas +10.5: That’s a lot of points for an Arkansas team that is definitely better than Auburn.  The home field advantage for Auburn is the only worry.

NCAAF: Mississippi +7.5: Tough game for the Rebels to get ready for, but I think they will here.  Expecting a close game.

NFL: New York Giants -3: Rams are pathetic in my opinion, and the Giants will be ready to roll in this early London game.

NFL: San Diego +6.5: The Chargers play everyone very close.  This one should  be no different.

NFL: Denver -9: Hey I’m in Colorado all week so why not go with a homer pick?  Offensively the Texans are…woof!

I’m the champion at going .500!!!

Austin Elsey

Last Weekend: 3-2

Overall Record: 11-14

A good recovery last week with more wins than losses, but let’s see what happens if we actually apply ourselves (at least that was always the recommendation from my high school guidance counselor).

NCAAF: Wisconsin -4. Still a little gas in the tank with this team. And Iowa has fallen. I like Wisconsin to get the W here.  ON WISCONSIN!

NCAAF: Texas A&M +18. Undefeated in the SEC and this is the respect you get? Alabama is good but this will be a close game. Alabama leaves still undefeated but A&M keeps it respectable.

NCAAF: Oklahoma -14. For my Boomer cohort Aaron, Oklahoma appears to have finally recovered from their early season woes and should put on an impressive ending to the season. Look for a big win here.

NCAAF: Navy +2.5. Coming off a huge win over Houston, Navy will ride the wave (PUN ALERT) and come out with the win. You might even look into the moneyline for better payout.

NCAAF: Houston -21. It seems weird to pick a team right after bashing them in the previous pick but Houston needs a bounce back here and SMU is just the team to help with that.

All college games this weekend but more confidence than Tommy Boy finally graduating after 7 years. D’s get degrees!

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