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Racing Dudes Weekly Football Tip Sheet: October 15-16

Racing Dudes Weekly Football Tip Sheet: October 15-16

Horses may be our thing, but we are huge sports fans and always looking for a great betting opportunity. Each weekend we take a look over all college and NFL football games and give you our top plays. Resident sports gambling degenerate Austin Elsey is here to help us out as well. With an overall combined record of 27-32-1, things have nowhere to go but up…hopefully.

Aaron Halterman

Last Weekend: 3-2

Overall Record: 10-9-1

NCAAF: Arizona State/Colorado OVER 63: Expecting a shootout here as Arizona State has a very suspect defense, and Colorado can really score.  Arizona State is very solid offensively as well.

NCAAF: Indiana Hoosiers +3.5:  Not a believer in Nebraska at all as their best win was over Oregon who isn’t very good.  Goes on the road against an Indiana team that is pretty good.

NFL: Green Bay Packers -4: Expecting Dallas to have a let down here against a Packers team who needs to keep winning to keep up with the Vikings within their division.

NFL: Philadelphia/Washington OVER 45: Both of these teams can score, and a win for either of them would be big.  I’m expecting a close game here with it hitting the over late.

NFL: Baltimore/New York OVER 45: The Giants are home after a couple of really tough road trips and should find their stride offensively.  Defensively they aren’t great so expect the Raves to score enough to make this line go over.

Surely one of us will have a good week soon.

Jared Welch

Last Weekend: 2-3

Overall Record: 9-11

It’s been rough. 9-11 and I’m not even the worst! Let’s stop kidding ourselves. You see these records and probably have no confidence in betting these picks. Hell, you might even be fading them and making bank. In any case, there is no need for me to explain why I picked the following. Do what you want with them.

NFL: Cincinnati/New England OVER 48

NFL: Carolina/New Orleans OVER 53.5

NFL: Dallas Cowboys +165

NFL: Atlanta Falcons +205

NFL: Indianapolis/Houston OVER 48.5

Austin Elsey

Last Weekend: 1-4

Overall Record: 8-12

This week I feel like I’m waking up after a heavy bender and scared to look under the sheets next to me at what I brought home. Everybody makes bad decisions now and then. This week, we take our Aspirin and Pedialyte and get back on track.

NCAAF: Nebraska -3: Big Red has proven itself worthy of national attention, even if they are the 3rd or 4th best in the Big 10. However, they don’t seem to garner respect when it comes to gambling lines. Look for them to make a statement against Indiana.

NCAAF: Alabama -13.5: Nick Saban, almost enough said. Plus, I still feel Tennessee is overvalued.

NCAAF: Baylor -34.5: At least KU can be proud of their basketball team…

NFL: Pittsburgh -7: Big line when it comes to the NFL but the Dolphins consistently disappoint. If only South Beach talent meant football players.

NFL: Seattle -6: Home games in Seattle are almost a sure win. The second loudest stadium (Go Chiefs!) is definitely an advantage. Easily covered.

Last week was the equivalent of drinking well Tequila until you puke. This week we class it up to an 18-yr old scotch. Here’s to less regret.

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