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AFC West Future Selections

AFC West Future Selections

This might be a horse racing website but we love all sports, especially football and with the NFL season starting officially this week we thought we’d take a look at our favorite NFL division and look for some betting opportunities. We’ve got one game in the books for the 2016 NFL season and already one win by the Denver Broncos. Here’s a look at how I see the AFC West shaking down this season and where I think a betting opportunity lies.

(Futures based on betting site the day of this post.)

San Diego Chargers: Future line 7.5. UNDER. The Chargers are struggling with an identity crisis. Old Man Rivers is getting closer to the retirement home and Gordon failed to make an impact last year. While the team got some needed upgrades on their line, they still are missing some crucial game changers to make an impact. Projected Record: 6-10

Oakland Raiders: Future line 8.5. UNDER. As much as it pains me being a Chiefs fan, the Raiders are legit contenders this year in the AFC West. If the offense doesn’t produce, there are some significant coaching problems that need to be addressed. Look for the Raiders to pull off some last minute wins and be in the fight all the way through December. Projected Record: 8-8

Kansas City Chiefs: Future line 9.5. OVER. (Homer alert!). Yes I am a Chiefs fan but I tried to be as objective as possible in this projection. This team is returning fairly similar to how it left 2015 with minimal changes. The potential Achilles heel is to have so many players with past injuries. The LB (Hali, Houston, Johnson) are all susceptible to reinjury as well as Charles in the backfield. The depth at RB is somewhat mitigating. If this team stays healthy, they could be scary good. Projected Record: 10-6

Denver Broncos: Future line 9. UNDER (Best Bet!). This may be the most changed Super Bowl champion team in recent history. Several big departures will make a huge difference for the Broncos. Yes, their defense probably carried the end of their season and playoffs thru the Super Bowl but you have to score points to win in the NFL. This offense is going nowhere with Dirty Sanchez or a fresh rookie from a lackluster draft selection. On a positive note, there should be the opportunity to snag a quality pick next year. Projected Record: 6-10

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