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Avoid These Usual Betting Mistakes When Playing the Horses

Avoid These Usual Betting Mistakes When Playing the Horses

Yearly, horse racing enthusiasts and sports bettors can count on a number of races that can deliver the usual racing entertainment and the excitement that comes with anticipating the results. These horse racing events are scattered in different parts of the globe, known for their specific features and details that draw both the enthusiasts and sports bettors. In the United States, owners of thoroughbreds, fans and sports bettors are waiting for the 148th Travers Stakes at Saratoga Race Course, scheduled for August 26, 2017. The race is considered the most popular during Saratoga summer and offers a prize pot of $1,250,000. On top of this, sports bettors can count on their usual bets to bring in the winnings. Most of the details regarding this race are still not released, adding to the excitement of fans and bettors alike. Other races are also scheduled for the month of August including Pacific Classic at Del Mar Turf Club (August 19), Whitney Stakes at the Saratoga Race Course (August 5) and Arlington Million at Arlington Park (August 12).

And in Australia, fans and sports bettors are waiting for its ‘most famous Tuesday’ – the Melbourne Cup scheduled on the first Tuesday of November. It’s a time when enthusiasts and sports bettors converge to watch the race and relive a tradition, now considered a public holiday. In fact, there are dozens of important horse races that can appeal to the needs and bankroll of sports bettors, all with an allure of its own, drawing the attention of players. The appeal of crowds roaring and promise of large winnings, many are looking for ways to get involved with the sports betting, and discover winnings along the way. Sure, the appeal is there and races are scheduled year-round, but one has to be an informed player to enjoy the sports.

Usual Mistakes to Avoid When Betting

Sports bettors, just like other individuals, are prone to making certain mistakes. Not knowing the different types of bets is one of the common mistakes encountered by first-time bettors. Experienced bettors and enthusiasts know these by heart, but for those who are just planning to start, it’s best to know some of the basic terms encountered when betting on ponies. Some of the popular terms used in betting are ‘win’, ‘place’, ‘trifecta’, ‘box trifecta’ and ‘exacta’. Win means picking the horse that will win the race, and place means selecting what horse will complete the race as second or third. If the bettor can pick the top three horse finishers in the correct order, it’s called trifecta, and box trifecta refers to top three finishers, without regards to its placing. Exacta on the other hand means a bettor should pick the top two participants, in the correct order.

Here’s another mistake that’s common even among established bettors- following the market and choosing the favorites, regardless of prevailing prices. No, not all races are fixed, and favorites do not always win. Yes, they can win 35 percent of the time, but in many cases, a relatively unknown can pull of an upset. At the end of the day, you want to be selective and informed when choosing and placing your bets. You don’t just follow and support a horse based on emotion or sentiment- you choose based on price and trends.

There are some bettors out there who want to play every time, in the hope of getting the biggest jackpot. Horse racing is truly exciting and sometimes addictive, but keep in mind that there are just too many races out there, and you don’t need to play them all. Choose your punches, and schedule your races, and put your bet only when the price is right,

Finally, not taking advantage of the free offers and resources available for sports bettors. Today is the best time to enjoy this race, and take advantage of the exciting races and the potential for winnings. And to make it happen, you should know that there are free resources and tools available today for the beginners. Did you know that you can also get free bets? Yes, you are reading this correctly, kust check out this free bets list for upcoming Melbourne Cup race. The offer may seem too good to be true, but in a time of heightened competition among sports betting sites, sports betting portals are trying to outdo each other by offering free bets, tips and tools. Aside from odds, some of these portals offer tip sheets that are manually generated, recent news and podcasts that can help inform and educate. So, don’t make the same mistakes- take advantage of these offers, and choose the right sports betting facility.

Improve Your Chances Starting Today

A few important races are scheduled in the next few months, and it can be your best months if you prepare the right way, and get access to the right information. Make sure to watch a number of races, and keep your eyes and ears open regarding odds and latest news, not just ‘inside tips’ and gossips. Finally, pay attention to free offers and tools available online- these information and tools can make you an improved sports bettor along the way.

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