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The Lowdown on the Melbourne Cup

The Lowdown on the Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is coming up in November and people are already starting to think about who could be walking away with this year’s prize money. Of course, millions of gambling fans around the world are also starting to eye up the odds to see who is best to put their pennies on to win a prize! Bringing together the cream of the horse racing crop, it is sure to be a close one!

The leading Melbourne Cup bookmakers allow the punters to register online, meaning you can place bets wherever you are and whatever you are doing. By registering with these international bookmakers, you get bonus and lots of special offers to give you a helping hand when it comes to winning! To check out Melbourne Cup free bets from leading bookmakers you can check out this site to point you in the right direction!

History of the Melbourne Cup

In Australia, the Melbourne Cup is known as “the race that stops a nation” because so many millions of people tune in and watch it. But where did it start? The first Melbourne Cup was believed to be in 1866 and was won by a horse called “The Barb” who is remembered as one of the greatest Australian racehorses of all time. Nicknamed “the black demon” he was all back and was famed for his fiery temperament and ferocious competitive streak, which was rumoured to have developed due to apparent mistreatment at some time in his life. The horse enjoyed an impressive 16 wins out of 23 and went on to win the Sydney Cup, the Metropolitan Stakes, and the Australian Jockey Club Derby, and was instrumental in driving forward the world of professional horse racing.

2016 Melbourne Cup Records

Before entering the series of betting in the Melbourne Cup, it is better to check for the horses that entered final race held during the previous years and races and seeing how they performed. This can give a clear indication as to who might break through in this year’s event to race to victory. Also, keep your eye out for track conditions and the weather, as this has a direct impact on the track conditions. As per the records, the 2016 Melbourne cup witnessed 24 horses in the final list and the horse weight range was between 51kg – 57kg. These horses were guided by specific trainers and jockeys and reading up on their history and performance is key to predicting a winner.

Keep Betting with Tips

It is always advisable to start betting having an understanding about the facts and statistics about the racing event. There are numerous tracks and records available for new punters as well as the experienced punters for deciding on the strategy. The new customers can always bet through professional bookmakers.

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