Racing Dudes Beginners Series: Five Reasons to Visit a Race Track

It’s Cheap

A front row seat to any sporting event these days will run you hundreds of dollars, but in horse racing admission is usually no more than $2.00, and at the smaller tracks it is free.  Same goes for parking as well.  Most sporting events charge $20 for parking, where horse tracks charge $2.00 or it’s free.  Parking and admission aren’t the only thing that’s cheaper at the horse track, as food and drinks are reasonably priced compared to other sporting events.  A beer will run you $8 to $10 dollars most places, but at the track they can be had for $3 to $5.

It’s obvious the track wants you to have more income to bet with, but if you set a reasonable budget you can lose every race and still walk away with more money than if you attended a regular sporting event.  Plus, there is always the chance of you winning some money.  Even if you were to break even you will get a full days entertainment for next to nothing.  This may be called the sport of kings, but any average joe can afford a day out at the races. Continue reading