Saratoga Picks

Thanks for a Great Meet!  See You in 2014!!

Final Stats: (420) 123-79-72 — 29.3% Winners, 65.2% on the board



7 comments on “Saratoga Picks

  1. Being the son of a trainer, I gotta tell you guys, I’m impressed with the genuine coverage of the sport rather than sheer interest in gambling. Don’t get me wrong, gambling is great and fuels the sport and theres NOTHING wrong with it, but you guys let the best part of the game shine through all; the horses.

  2. Thanks Chance that means a lot. We try our best to promote the horses. They lay it on the line every time they run, and their stories and efforts deserve recognition. You are right there are several aspects of racing that make it great, and gambling is one of them, but not the only thing.

    I’m not that smart, but I’m going to assume your Ron Moquett’s son? It was fun watching Aimie’s Dini run at Oaklawn this year. You guys have got a very classy filly. Good luck with your runners at Saratoga!

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