Keeneland September Yearling Sale Results Day 3

Hip Color Sex Sire Dam Purchaser Price
381 B Filly Giant’s Causeway Well Monied Alex & JoAnn  Lieblong & Team D 500000
382 B Colt War Front Wend Whitehorse Stables 300000
383 B Colt Tapit West Coast Swing *RNA (370,000)
384 B Filly Tiznow Western Princess Shortleaf Stable 170000
385 GR/RO Colt Sky Mesa Westling Gelfenstein Farm/Ivan Rodriquez 120000
386 DB/BR Filly Bernardini West Side Dancer Niall Brennan, Agent for Marc Keller 425000
387 DB/BR Colt Malibu Moon What Time It Is Ashgrove Stable LLC 140000
388 B Colt Blame Whenthetimeisright *RNA (90,000)
389 DB/BR Colt Street Cry (IRE) Where’s Bailey *RNA (235,000)
390 B Filly Arch Whisper to Me Out
391 CH Colt Giant’s Causeway Who Did It and Run Robert Baker/ William Mack 200000
392 GR/RO Colt Smart Strike Wickedly Wise Out
393 DB/BR Colt Sky Mesa Wickedology One More Time LLC 100000
394 DB/BR Colt Pulpit Wild Crazy Lady Out
395 B Filly Tapit Wild Gams *RNA (485,000)
396 GR/RO Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Wild Hoots Mark Casse, Agent 450000
397 GR/RO Colt Distorted Humor Wild Poppy Out
398 B Filly Galileo (IRE) Wild Wind (GER) Out
399 B Colt Distorted Humor Wile Cat David Redvers 260000
400 DB/BR Filly Haynesfield Willow Woodman Out
401 CH Colt Giant’s Causeway Wilshewed Mark Casse, Agent 350000
402 DB/BR Colt Uncle Mo Wine and Dyne Nick de Meric, Agent 250000
403 CH Filly Smart Strike Win McCool D.P. Racing 180000
404 DB/BR Filly Lemon Drop Kid Winner R.S. Evans 350000
405 CH Filly Distorted Humor Winning Point *RNA (145,000)
406 B Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Winsome Ways GEM Stables, Inc. 75000
407 B Colt Arch Wishful Splendor *RNA (190,000)
408 B Colt Kitten’s Joy Wonder Again Kempton Bldstk., Agent for Albaugh Family Stables 120000
409 B Filly Unbridled’s Song Wonder Lady Crupi’s New Castle IV/J. J. Crupi, Agent 500000
410 CH Filly Trappe Shot Wonder Star Steven W. Young, Agent 250000
411 DB/BR Filly Arch Woodman’s Dancer *RNA (250,000)
412 B Filly Kitten’s Joy Yadira Out
413 B Colt Bernardini Yellow Heat Teruo Ono 925000
414 DB/BR Colt Street Sense Yes She’s a Lady *RNA (190,000)
415 B Filly Lemon Drop Kid Yonagucci *RNA (190,000)
416 CH Filly Kitten’s Joy You’re Beautiful Out
417 B Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Zealous Cat *RNA (325,000)
418 B Colt Malibu Moon Zenith Three Amigos Stables 100000
419 B Colt Blame Zepa Kate Sheehan, Agent 35000
420 DB/BR Colt Street Cry (IRE) Zori Out
421 CH Colt Kitten’s Joy A Bit of Pressure J.S. Company 200000
422 B Filly More Than Ready A Brilliant Idea *RNA (70,000)
423 CH Colt Tapit Acacia Out
424 DB/BR Colt Smart Strike Achieving *RNA (310,000)
425 B Filly Harlan’s Holiday Act So Noble *RNA (90,000)
426 B Filly Cape Blanco (IRE) A Fine Time *RNA (235,000)
427 DB/BR Colt Arch African Jade *RNA (175,000)
428 DB/BR Colt Speightstown African Skies (GB) John Ferguson 300000
429 CH Filly Eskendereya Afternoon Stroll Beechwood Brunker 75000
430 DB/BR Colt Exchange Rate Ahh GMB Racing, LLC 140000
431 GR/RO Colt Tapit Air France *RNA (375,000)
432 CH Colt Malibu Moon Akilina Red Wings 175000
433 DB/BR Filly Street Cry (IRE) Aldebaran Light *RNA (110,000)
434 CH Colt Scat Daddy Alittlebitearly Crupi’s New Castle IV/J. J. Crupi, Agent 450000
435 DB/BR Colt Blame All Glory *RNA (85,000)
436 B Colt Speightstown Alpha Centauri North Hills 120000
437 GR/RO Colt Malibu Moon Alpha Kitten *RNA (385,000)
438 GR/RO Filly Tapit Amansara Whitehorse Stables 485000
439 CH Colt Unbridled’s Song Amazing Buy Grand Prix Co., Ltd. 150000
440 B Filly Lemon Drop Kid Amber Grace *RNA (160,000)
441 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Amen Hallelujah GEM Stables, Inc. 280000
442 B Filly More Than Ready American Slew *RNA (160,000)
443 GR/RO Filly Unbridled’s Song Andria’s Forest Al Bell 65000
444 B Colt Elusive Quality Ansong John Ferguson 100000
445 B Colt Candy Ride (ARG) A. P. Double Cat Jerry Crawford/ Donegal Racing 340000
446 B Filly Blame Appealing Storm *RNA (120,000)
447 B Filly Arch Apple Charlotte Out
448 B Filly Hard Spun April Fooler Out
449 B Colt Arch Arboresque Out
450 GR/RO Filly Tapit Archduchess Dixiana Farms 500000
451 B Colt Uncle Mo Arealhotlover Frank Brothers, Agent for Starlight 175000
452 DB/BR Filly Street Cry (IRE) Ariege Out
453 B Colt War Front Aristocratic Lady Al Shahania Stud 700000
454 B Colt Pulpit Asian Empress *RNA (145,000)
455 B Filly Gio Ponti Ask Me When Lavin Bloodstock for Marc Grier 200000
456 B Filly Unbridled’s Song Ask the Moon *RNA (200,000)
457 B Filly Unbridled’s Song A Story of Revenge *RNA (185,000)
458 B Colt Harlan’s Holiday Athena’s Gift Shortleaf Stable 240000
459 DB/BR Filly Kitten’s Joy A Touch of Glory Out
460 DB/BR Colt Bernardini Ava Knowsthecode Crupi’s New Castle VI /J. J. Crupi, Agent 575000
461 B Colt Tiznow Baffled Hoby and Layna Kight 175000
462 B Colt Giant’s Causeway Baghdaria Todd Pletcher, Agent 200000
463 DB/BR Filly Kitten’s Joy Bala K.K. Eishindo 500000
464 GR/RO Filly Street Boss Balboa Betty Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners 60000
465 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Ballyhoo Kat (IRE) Out
466 DB/BR Filly Quality Road Ballynaugh *RNA (95,000)
467 B Filly Arch Banyan Street Rabbah Bloodstock 150000
468 CH Colt Speightstown Batallosa (ARG) Grangebarry Stud 200000
469 CH Colt Haynesfield Bearursa Out
470 CH Colt Giant’s Causeway Beautician Out
471 GR/RO Colt Pulpit Beautiful Song Omar Olivares Matos 120000
472 CH Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Beauty O’ Gwaun Pegasus Farm Ltd./Herve Barjot 165000
473 B Colt Harlan’s Holiday Bees Wounded Warrior 200000
474 B Colt Bernardini Belle of Perintown *RNA (250,000)
475 CH Colt Giant’s Causeway Bellini Sunrise Out
476 B Colt Cape Blanco (IRE) Belterra Kempton Bldstk., Agent for Albaugh Family Stables 450000
477 DB/BR Colt Medaglia d’Oro Bending Strings *RNA (335,000)
478 DB/BR Colt Malibu Moon Be Smart Mark Casse, Agent 500000
479 DB/BR Filly More Than Ready Bet to Win Out
480 B Colt Smart Strike Beyond Our Reach (IRE) *RNA (85,000)
481 B Filly Uncle Mo Biblical Point JM Greathouse, Agent 120000
482 B Filly Smart Strike Bickersons George & Lori Hall 200000
483 DB/BR Filly More Than Ready Binalegend Nick de Meric, Agent 100000
484 CH Colt Gio Ponti Blageuse Zayat Stables 175000
485 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Blink Twice Crupi’s New Castle IV/J. J. Crupi, Agent 430000
486 B Filly Hard Spun Bluegrass Princess *RNA (120,000)
487 CH Filly Malibu Moon Blue Moon (FR) Shadwell Estate Company, Ltd. 675000
488 CH Filly Eskendereya Blush Island Bach Stables LLC 135000
489 DB/BR Filly Giant’s Causeway Board Battle *RNA (190,000)
490 DB/BR Filly Distorted Humor Bon Jovi Girl North Hills 400000
491 B Filly Distorted Humor Bonnie Blue Flag Ben Glass, Agent 435000
492 CH Colt Unbridled’s Song Boodles Ben Glass, Agent 210000
493 GR/RO Filly Tapit Border Dispute Secure Investments 170000
494 DB/BR Filly Kitten’s Joy Brickyard Gal John Ferguson 190000
495 CH Filly Hard Spun Brief Bliss *RNA (100,000)
496 CH Colt Speightstown Bronze Route *RNA (195,000)
497 DB/BR Filly Awesome Again Brush of Fortune Amy  Moore 120000
498 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Bubbler Juddmonte Farms 560000
499 B Filly War Front Buy the Barrel John Ferguson 240000
500 GR/RO Colt Speightstown Candy Jo Becky Thomas 85000
501 B Filly Giant’s Causeway Capote’s Crown *RNA (425,000)
502 B Filly Uncle Mo Captivating *RNA (190,000)
503 GR/RO Colt Medaglia d’Oro Careless Jewel Chris Drakos 150000
504 CH Colt Smart Strike Carolyn’s Cat *RNA (170,000)
505 DB/BR Colt Uncle Mo Caroni GMB Racing, LLC 150000
506 B Colt Distorted Humor Cascading Out
507 DB/BR Colt Giant’s Causeway Cassis Out
508 B Filly Dubawi (IRE) Casual Look Flaxman Stables Ireland Limited 1450000
509 CH Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Cat Charmer Juddmonte Farms 460000
510 DB/BR Filly Arch Catch the Blue Hat Out
511 B Colt Giant’s Causeway Cellars Shiraz *RNA (115,000)
512 B Colt Medaglia d’Oro Champagne Courage Out
513 DB/BR Filly Majestic Warrior Champagne Royale Out
514 B Colt Congrats Champagne Run *RNA (95,000)
515 DB/BR Filly Smart Strike Chamrousse G. Watts Humphrey, Jr. 190000
516 B Colt Arch Chantilly Nayla Barry Irwin/Team Valor International 170000
517 CH Filly Distorted Humor Charmed Gift D.P. Racing 320000
518 DB/BR Colt Pulpit Charming Legacy (IRE) Out
519 B Colt Arch Charming Tale *RNA (195,000)
520 DB/BR Colt Smart Strike Charm the Giant (IRE) Mike Ryan, Agent 500000
521 DB/BR Colt War Front Chatham MV Magnier 490000
522 B Colt Street Sense Chatique GMB Racing, LLC 60000
523 DB/BR Colt Uncle Mo Chattertown GEM Stables, Inc. 260000
524 DB/BR Colt Lemon Drop Kid Chic Corine Out
525 CH Filly Smart Strike Christies Treasure Hoby and Layna Kight 100000
526 B Colt Lonhro (AUS) Christine Daae K.K. Eishindo 120000
527 DB/BR Colt Bernardini Christmas Gift Friarstown Stud 225000
528 B Filly Medaglia d’Oro Ciao Mayberry Farm 280000
529 B Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Cindy’s Mom *RNA (45,000)
530 DB/BR Filly Pioneerof the Nile Citron Moon Out
531 B Filly Kitten’s Joy Claire’s Smile Debby M. Oxley 375000
532 CH Filly Curlin Classy Katherine Out
533 B Filly Unbridled’s Song Clay’s Rocket Out
534 DB/BR Colt Tiznow Clever Strike Out
535 B Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Cloudburst Conquest Stables 450000
536 B Filly Lonhro (AUS) Cold Awakening *RNA (70,000)
537 DB/BR Filly Awesome Again Colina Verde (BRZ) *RNA (40,000)
538 CH Filly Distorted Humor Collect Call *RNA (170,000)
539 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Comanche Star Out
540 CH Filly Eskendereya Comfort Zone Zayat Stables 370000
541 B Filly Montjeu (IRE) Compelling (IRE) Pegasus Farm Ltd./Herve Barjot 270000
542 GR/RO Colt Tapit Conchita Northwest Stud/Giuseppe Iadisernia 650000
543 B Filly More Than Ready Confessional Out
544 GR/RO Filly Unbridled’s Song Consider It Done Rigney Racing 340000
545 DB/BR Colt Street Cry (IRE) Contessa Halo Tommy Hutton’s Dream Stables 170000
546 DB/BR Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Coolwind Michael Puhich 200000
547 B Filly Arch Copelan’s Angel Gary Contessa, Agent 130000
548 B Filly Arch Cottage Link Niall Brennan, Agent for Marc Keller 220000
549 DB/BR Filly Tiznow Countess Lemonade Stonereath Stud 1100000
550 B Filly Lemon Drop Kid Country Cafe Niall Brennan, Agent for Marc Keller 210000
551 GR/RO Colt Unbridled’s Song Cowgirl Mally *RNA (300,000)
552 CH Filly Giant’s Causeway Crafty Oak Out
553 DB/BR Filly Arch Crescent Moon *RNA (140,000)
554 DB/BR Filly More Than Ready Cricket Miss Out
555 B Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Cristal Causeway Don Alberto Corp. 150000
556 DB/BR Colt Harlan’s Holiday Cryptos’ Best Out
557 B Filly Unbridled’s Song Cuff Me *RNA (345,000)
558 DB/BR Filly Pioneerof the Nile Culpeper Moon Albert Davis 45000
559 CH Colt Kitten’s Joy Cute Cognac Out
560 CH Filly Pulpit Cuvee Uncorked Gainesway 150000
561 DB/BR Colt Street Sense Czechers *RNA (90,000)
562 CH Colt Giant’s Causeway Dame Ellen Bradley Thoroughbreds LLC, Agent 185000
563 GR/RO Colt Distorted Humor Dance Quietly Out
564 DB/BR Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Dancing Alone *RNA (190,000)
565 B Filly Bernardini Dark Sky Kings Equine 100000
566 B Colt More Than Ready Dawn Chorus Lael Stable, Roy & Gretchen Jackson 485000
567 DB/BR Filly Malibu Moon D’cats Meow Niall Brennan, Agent for Marc Keller 450000
568 B Colt Harlan’s Holiday De Aar Jerry Crawford/ Donegal Racing 385000
569 B Filly Tale of the Cat Dean Henry Crupi’s New Castle/J. J. Crupi, Agent 140000
570 CH Filly Awesome Again Dearest Trickski *RNA (85,000)
571 B Colt Elusive Quality Dear Girl (IRE) Grangebarry Stud 80000
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