Game-Changing Feature Added to BETMIX

BETMIX Handicapping Software

BETMIX adds new factor detail display!

BETMIX has made some changes to the way they display the factor details. Changes that we have already found to be extremely useful!

You can now sort all factors by Win%, Place %, Show %, Accuracy, Win ROI, Place ROI, Show ROI and Advantage.

BETMIX Handicapping Software

You can click on any column to sort, and also click on categories to limit the factors that are displayed to the group you want to see (Speed, Pace, Earnings, Trainer/Jock, Pedigree, Form or Class).

Here’s what they all mean:

First of all, the statistics for each factor are based on results from similar races. If you are looking at a 6f dirt claiming race at Gulfstream, the information about each of the factors is based on up to the last 40 similar 6f dirt claiming races at Gulfstream. The information BETMIX is showing is very specific to the type of race you are handicapping.

Win % – This tells you the percentage of time that the horse ranked on top for that factor ended up winning the race. In the above example we are looking at a sample of 40 races, and the horse that ranked best for the factor TRAINER CURRENT MEET won 13 of 40 races (33%)

Place % – This tells you the percentage of times the top ranked horse ran at least 2nd.

Show % – This tells you the percentage of times the top ranked horse ran at least 3rd.

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