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Why We Hate Your Derby Horse

Why We Hate Your Derby Horse

Do you think you have your Kentucky Derby horse picked…guess what he hate him!  This was wildly popular last year so why not bring it back once again?  If you get on Twitter, Facebook, or any horse racing message board then you know where this is going.  Every handicapper is in the process of telling you why your horse can’t win the Kentucky Derby.  We’ve heard it all: He’s too big, he’s too slow, he can’t get the distance, the pace will kill him, he won’t have enough pace to run at, he’s not battle tested, he’s been ran into the ground…the list goes on and on.  Once again we’ve been inspired by our friend Dark Horse (follow him @GoDarkHorse) to make this list.  As of now there are 26 horses pointing for the Kentucky Derby.  Here is why we “hate” each and every one of them.

(REMEMBER WHILE READING: This is all in good fun.)

1. International Star

A great one to start off with this year!  Ok he’s won three races in a row, but they don’t count…they were in Louisiana!  I think they paid out purses in crawfish this year at the Fair Grounds.  This horse has beat future claimers.  Plus look at the Ramsey’s record in the Kentucky Derby…terrible.

2. Dortmund

He’s too big!!! Way too big!!!  How is he going to handle this large of a field and maneuver with his massive size.  The pace is going to eat him up as well.  He needs the lead so we all know he’ll burn himself out to get it.  Forget about his massive Chruchill Downs victory in the fall.

3. Carpe Diem

Pletcher…doesn’t that say it all?  Two slow prep race wins where he beat the likes of Danzig Moon and Ocho Ocho Ocho.  Wow…I’m so very impressed by this accomplishment.  Somehow he found two Derby Preps that were easier than a Saturday allowance race at Mountaineer!  Come Kentucky Derby time he’ll be tested, and he’ll fold like a lawn chair.

4. American Pharoah

He’s never been tested…no way he can respond when he finally is challenged by a horse.  Owned by the cursed Zayat Stables so obviously that’s no good, and how many times do we see a jockey win the Kentucky Derby in back-to-back years?  Wow you beat Mr. Z last time out…great job!

5. Frosted

Well he’s gray for starters so that’s a huge strike.  He’s also the most inconsistent horse in the field.  At Gulfstream he barely could beat a donkey, then all of the sudden he’s winning Grade 1’s at Aqueduct?  What about this throat surgery?  Doesn’t he have the “Can’t have throat surgery in the race before the Derby” curse to deal with?

6. Mubtaahij

Hahaha Dubai horse!!  Do they really think they can come over here and compete?  Let me know how that’s worked out in the past.  Also…you can say his name five different ways and be correct.  How can that be a good thing?  Will hurt him come Derby day.

7. Materiality

So many checks against this horse it isn’t even funny.  Never raced as a two year old.  Never raced outside of Gulfstream Park.  Has only ran three lifetime races.  Todd Pletcher is the trainer.  If there was a prop bet for “who will finish last” or maybe even “who won’t finish the race” this is the horse!

8. El Kabeir

Another gray…what a huge strike that is against you.  Messed around all winter at Aqueduct getting bad rides and strange trips, and now will ship to take on the big boys.  Most likely will be walking once they turn for home because he wants no part of 10 furlongs.  Calvin will whip him 52 times as he tries to get him to rally up the rail.

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