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Why Horse Racing Betting is More Fun Than Casino Betting

Why Horse Racing Betting is More Fun Than Casino Betting

Casinos? Those strange, glowing, “chinging”, places where the time never changes, and you never see the sunlight. No thanks. The fillies are where it’s at when it comes to fun and enjoyment when you’re placing bets. While some people are drawn to the sights and sounds of casinos, others are more attracted to the unique skills that are needed to place bets on the horses and get good returns on their money down.

Let’s go through some of the reasons why horse racing is more fun than casino betting. Does this sound like you?

You can research to find your best bets

One of the biggest lures in placing bets on the horse races is because you can actually do your research on horses, riders, tracks, and conditions to see where your best bets are going to lie.

This takes a great degree of skill and research to investigate your best bets. Even the odds makers sometimes get it wrong, and this is where you can strike gold. If you have a knack for statistics, numbers, and triangulation of a number of factors, or are a whizz with spreadsheets, then you can start to play the horses will a certain degree of skill and finesse.

While there are still elements of luck in horse racing, these are far less than say, for instance, roulette, and in particular slot machines. But hey, why not combine the 2 with free spins horse racing slots, if you feel like having a spin but love the horses?

Blackjack and poker are considered the more skill-based games at the casino; however, they don’t come close to the degree of skill involved in all the elements that go down at the track.

It’s something that you can discuss strategy with your friends

Unless you’re a serious poker player, with friends who are similarly serious about the game, then chatting strategy about casino games isn’t really a thing. While you might sit down next to your friend at the slot machines and have superstitions about which lines to play next and when to double down on bets, strategy doesn’t really come into play.

On the flip side, when you’re betting on the horses with friends who are similarly interested in the sport, you can muse about the performance of a horse over the season, how a track has been unusually hot for this time of year, or how a rider was knocked out with a virus just a few weeks ago.

It makes the social element of horse racing betting a lot more enjoyable – it’s sort of like when people get together and chat about the latest movie or TV series out and what it all means.

You can actually go out to the track and see the action

While many punters don’t actually go out and hit the track for a bet, this option is open to you. You can go out for a day in the sunshine and watch all the action happening live on the course.

Now, this can be as easy as heading out for the weekend to your local track to catch the day’s action. You can choose to watch as many or as few races as you wish. It can be a nice change from sitting in a venue and watching on a screen, or watching at home, and is a good opportunity to get out and about.

There are even famous horse racing events that you can attend around the world, such as the Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup or the Royal Ascot Races. It’s fun to plan holidays or trips around big events, and even better to be on the ground at some of the biggest horse races in the world.

These affairs tend to be fairly grand, where it’s important to follow the dress code and purchase tickets for the day well in advance. Horse racing is just one element of the day, there’s also plenty of people watching to be done and oftentimes entertainment alongside the track as well.

But you already knew that…

You’re probably over there thinking to yourself, “Of course I like the horses better than I like casino betting, because I’m over here already on your website!”

But when friends or family ask why you’re so into the horses and don’t feel like stepping out with them to the casino instead, you can reel through this list of reasons. Perhaps you might even convince them to have a bet with you on the horses instead of heading to the casino, so that they can get in on the fun too.

Once you start giving them the background info on each horse and how they’ve been tracking you might even spark an interest that they never knew they had.

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