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June Stakes Races

June Stakes Races

It’s always good to stay on top of what major horse racing stakes races are approaching. The 2020 racing calendar is full of major stakes races including the Pegasus World Cup, Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, Travers Stakes, Breeders’ Cup, and more.

Below are the upcoming stakes races for June 2020 as well as links to other months. You can also see full horse racing track schedules here.

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June 6, 2020
Belmont S Presented by NYRA Bets (GI)BelJun 6$1,500k g3yo12fDirt
Albany SGGJun 6$50k a3&up5fTurf
Naruo Kinen (JPN-IIIT)JRAJun 6$815k a3&up10fTurf
Desert Code SSAJun 6$75k a3yo5.5fTurf
June 7, 2020
Yasuda Kinen (JPN-IT)JRAJun 7$2,297k a3&up8fTurf
San Juan County Commissioners SSuRJun 7$75k g3&up9fDirt
June 13, 2020
Thor's Echo SSAJun 13$100k g3&up S6fDirt
June 14, 2020
Epsom Cup (JPN-IIIT)JRAJun 14$815k a3&up9fTurf
Mermaid S (JPN-IIIT)JRAJun 14$717k a3&up f/m10fTurf
Lane's End Danny Shifflett Scholarship SLSJun 14$75k g3&up f/m S7.5fTurf
Texas Stallion S (Pan Zareta Div.)LSJun 14$75k g2yo f R5fDirt
Texas Stallion S (Staunch Avenger Div.)LSJun 14$75k g2yo c/g R5fDirt
Wayne Hanks Memorial SLSJun 14$75k g3&up S6.5fDirt
Affirmed S (GIII)SAJun 14$100k g3yo8.5fDirt
Possibly Perfect SSAJun 14$75k a3&up f/m10fTurf
June 16, 2020
Coventry S (ENG-IIT)ASCJun 16$200k g2yo6fTurf
King's Stand S (ENG-IT)ASCJun 16$665k g3&up5fTurf
Queen Anne S (ENG-IT)ASCJun 16$798k g4&up8fTurf
St James's Palace S (ENG-IT)ASCJun 16$665k g3yo c8fTurf
Wolferton SASCJun 16$146k g4&up10fTurf
June 17, 2020
Duke of Cambridge S (ENG-IIT)ASCJun 17$233k g4&up f/m8fTurf
Prince of Wales's S (ENG-IT)ASCJun 17$1,330k g4&up10fTurf
Queen Mary S (ENG-IIT)ASCJun 17$153k g2yo f5fTurf
Queen's Vase S (ENG-IIT)ASCJun 17$333k g3yo14fTurf
Windsor Castle SASCJun 17$126k g2yo5fTurf
June 18, 2020
Gold Cup (ENG-IT)ASCJun 18$665k g4&up20fTurf
Hampton Court S (ENG-IIIT)ASCJun 18$126k g3yo10fTurf
Norfolk S (ENG-IIT)ASCJun 18$146k g2yo5fTurf
Ribblesdale S (ENG-IIT)ASCJun 18$266k g3yo f12fTurf
June 19, 2020
Albany S (ENG-IIIT)ASCJun 19$126k g2yo f6fTurf
Commonwealth Cup (ENG-IT)ASCJun 19$665k g3yo6fTurf
Coronation S (ENG-IT)ASCJun 19$665k g3yo f8fTurf
King Edward VII S (ENG-IIT)ASCJun 19$299k g3yo c/g12fTurf
June 20, 2020
Chesham SASCJun 20$126k g2yo7fTurf
Diamond Jubilee S (ENG-IT)ASCJun 20$1,330k g4&up6fTurf
Hardwicke S (ENG-IIT)ASCJun 20$299k g4&up12fTurf
Jersey S (ENG-IIIT)ASCJun 20$146k g3yo7fTurf
Dream of Summer SSAJun 20$100k g4&up f/m S8fDirt
Snow Chief SSAJun 20$200k g3yo S9fTurf
Wilshire S (GIIIT)SAJun 20$100k g3&up f/m8fTurf
June 21, 2020
Hakodate Sprint S (JPN-IIIT)JRAJun 21$785k a3&up6fTurf
Unicorn S (JPN-III)JRAJun 21$701k a3yo8fDirt
American S (GIIIT)SAJun 21$100k g3&up8fTurf
Melair SSAJun 21$200k g3yo f S8.5fDirt
San Juan Capistrano S (GIIIT)SAJun 21$100k g3&upabt 14fTurf
Siren Lure SSAJun 21$75k a3&up5.5fTurf
June 28, 2020
Takarazuka Kinen (JPN-IT)JRAJun 28$3,010k a3&up11fTurf
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