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Papa Dudes Final Bottom Ten For 2021
Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Papa Dudes Final Bottom Ten For 2021

I have a very sad feeling for this being the final poll of the season. I still think it would be fun to add six more teams to this list and have a playoff for the worst of the worst. That would be fun; but will never happen. At any rate, the 10 teams in the Bottom Ten were 3-7 this week, which is going to cause some movement. Before further ado, let’s see the updated and final list.

No.1: UCONN 1-11: The Huskies are the 2021 winners of the Bottom Ten. Their lone victory came against Yale from the Ivy League, which stumbled to a 5-5 record. And in a head-to-head matchup with fellow Bottom Ten team, UMASS, they were beaten 27-13. That solidified the championship.

NO.2: UMASS 1-11: The Minutemen tried their best to claim the top spot by losing to a couple of FCS schools (Rhode Island and Maine) in the last month of the season. But, because they beat UCONN in their head-to-head, loser take all matchup, they are the runner-up for 2021.

NO.3: FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL 1-11: This team deserves a lot of credit for consistently losing and keeping pressure on the two teams above them to keep losing also. In the end, the two teams ahead of them were just too bad to catch.

NO.4 NEW MEXICO STATE 2-10: I know they beat UMASS this week, winning their 2nd game and they were thinking they would move down some. But, really are they any better than what is ranked below them? Of course they aren’t! In fact, winning two games for this bunch is a cause for celebration.

NO.5 ARKANSAS STATE 2-10: This is a team that is not accustomed to these kinds of polls. They have has several winning seasons in the past. But, this year, they were the worst team in a bad conference.

NO.6 AKRON 2-10: The Zips are back into the final poll after losing convincingly in the last two weeks of the season. They were the worst team in the MAC, a conference that was the worst in the FBS.

NO.7 INDIANA 2-10: This team was in some Top-25 preseason polls and was ranked in the Top-5 in the Big Ten conference by a lot of people. Their head coach, Tom Allen, has a very optimistic philosophy called Love Each Other. After this trainwreck of a season, it just shows that hokey slogans only sound good if you win.

NO.8 ARIZONA 1-11: Speaking of horrible programs, this one is at the top. Their lone victory came against a California team that had 25 players and several coaches out with COVID. Football doesn’t mean much in Tucson.

NO.9 SOUTH FLORIDA 2-10: The Bulls played their way into the poll by finishing last in the American conference. They were once a hard team to beat but have gone 3-18 in the last two years.

NO.10 VANDERBILT 2-10: The Commodores might be able to win in another conference, but not in the SEC. They are consistent though. Unfortunately, they are consistently bad.

Dropped out: Rice, Southern Mississippi

Just Barely Left Out: Tulane, Kansas, Temple, UNLV, Duke, Northwestern, Stanford

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