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Free NHL Picks, Best Bets, and Parlays, for 4/13/22
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Free NHL Picks, Best Bets, and Parlays, for 4/13/22

There were 14 games on the schedule last night and all things considered I was thrilled with the results. It was a difficult night of betting and we came out ahead. Score one for the home team!

We cashed our Best Bet as Minnesota took care of the Oilers winning, 5-1. That improved our Best Bet of the Day record to 33-25 since the All-Star Break.

We went an average 9-5 betting the MoneyLine with a big rally from the games on the West coast. Our overall record is now 252-145 since the All-Star break.

And, we cashed a nice Parlay turning a $10 bet into a payout of $63. I call that bonus money.

There were supposed to be four games on the schedule tonight, but because of a winter storm, the Seattle-Winnipeg game has been postponed. Let’s look at the other three and see if we can find something to our liking.

*PAPA DUDES BEST BET* New York Rangers at Philadelphia: This is not a good betting game because the Rangers are a heavy favorite, but the Rangers are pretty reliable, and are battling for first place in the Metropolitan division, so they should have plenty of motivation. Plus, the Flyers aren’t very good. A bet where you make a small profit is better than a risky bet where you might lose. I’m taking the Rangers. PAPA DUDES BEST BET: Bet the MoneyLine on New York -200

*PAPA DUDES UPSET SPECIAL* Montreal at Columbus: Putting any money on Montreal is risky, so my wager will be very small. However, the Blue Jackets aren’t exactly a powerhouse either. Of the 3 games tonight, I think this one has the chance at an upset since neither team has much to play for. PAPA DUDES UPSET PICK: Bet the MoneyLine on Montreal +140

Los Angeles at Colorado: This is the best game of the day and the Kings need to keep winning. After tonight, they will only have 6 games left, while most of their opponents will be sitting at 7 or 8. They will be taking on a machine in Colorado. The Avalanche are so consistent and they just flip a switch and destroy teams. Their is always a chance that they might get complacent, and let a decent team like the Kings sneak up and get a win. But, that really hasn’t happened much. PAPA DUDES PICK: Colorado



We are going with 2 favorites and hope the Kings pull off a big upset.

Leg 1: Montreal at Columbus: Bet the MoneyLine on Columbus -165

Leg 2: New York Rangers at Philadelphia: Bet the MoneyLine on New York -200

Leg 3: Los Angeles at Colorado: Bet the MoneyLine on the Kings +215

Bet $10 for a Payout of $65.86

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