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Somo Bombs: Gulfstream Park Picks for January 20, 2020
Adam Mooshian/Coglianese Photos

Somo Bombs: Gulfstream Park Picks for January 20, 2020

After a parade of 2nd’s and lost photos through 6 races, the Late Pick 4 cashed yesterday for $400 and with some rolling Pick 3’s it ended up being a decent day. After looking back on yesterday’s card, I wouldn’t change much, just didn’t have the racing luck we needed early to get a big score home.

Today’s card is INCREDIBLY tough. There are lots of directions to go in some of these turf races and the standouts that would normally be singles either are up against the pace set up or all the way outside. Add in a classic anyone can win $12.5 MCL to the late Pick 5 and today sets up for some chaos. I’m actually going to play a couple $0.50 Late Pick 5 tickets today since I think there’s a lot of directions to go!

Good luck today everyone, let’s see if we can cash a Pick 4 for the 4th straight day!

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This is an add-on product

Racing Dudes does an amazing job covering every track every day. That’s simply not possible for me. It was one of the biggest roadblocks to making this possible. I generally only play Gulfstream Park’s Championship Meet, Del Mar, Saratoga, Keeneland, Santa Anita, Churchill downs, and carryover pools. For me to be happy with the product, I was not willing to expand on what I do best. For that reason, this is an add-on to the Racing Dudes Premium Pick products. If you are playing a track I covered that day and want my multi-race plays and advice, it’s now exclusively offered here on Racing Dudes!

My style is extremely volatile

While I have won 22 of the last 28 months playing Pick 3’s, Pick 4’s and Pick 5’s, I have had many losing days. What I try to do day in and day out is focus on specific tracks that I know I can do well at and look for opportunities to cash five figure ($10,000+) tickets. One ticket can make a meet, just look at my $35,000 score at Del Mar last year from $148. I’m stressing this because buying one day does not mean you will win, but it will tap into the mind of someone who has had long term, documented success.

Two tiers – Grid and Grid + Tickets

I bet more than most, normally around $400-600/card depending on how confident I am. For that reason, we’ve created two product tiers. The first is simply my grid where you will get the horses that are must use, use on middle tickets, and use on deeper tickets. That will not include my exact plays and will be at a lower price point. The second option will include the grid as well as my tickets I am planning on playing that day. Both will be available either the night before or morning of the races and will be updated due to scratches. Make sure to play tickets with-in your budget.  The idea is to look at monthly results. If I am playing a $5 ticket, you can always play it for $0.50 or $2 to limit exposure.

This is multi-race focused

I’m ALL about the big score so I’m mainly playing Pick 4’s and Pick 5’s. You can use the selections for single races bets and I will call some out in my bets section, but my goal is to hit big-time multi-race scores.


Somo Bombs: Gulfstream Park Grid*

*Does not include exact tickets to play. Does not get updated after scratches. Upgrade to $50 package to get more!

Somo Bombs: Gulfstream Park Grid + Tickets

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