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Royal Ascot Allows Slacking on Dress Code Due to Heat

Royal Ascot Allows Slacking on Dress Code Due to Heat

Royal Ascot has been an annual horse racing event attended by royalty in the U.K. since 1711. For the first time in the event’s long history, the strict dress code was relaxed in 2017. The temperatures soared, leading to a commonsense decision not to enforce the jackets rule. Adherence to an exacting dress code has been as much a tradition as the appearance of Queen Elizabeth II, who has attended annually ever since 1952, her first year on the throne.

Misting the Horses

Arguably, Royal Ascot is about the horses. The world’s finest racehorses compete in this historic event every year. At the 2017 event, horses have gotten relief from the extreme heat in the Unsaddling Enclosure, where misters are used to cool them down.

Others feel that Royal Ascot is made for socializing more than for horse racing. In fact, fashion and style exhibited during the five-day event are recognized and revered across the world.

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Dress Codes for Women

So, what exactly are the dress code requirements at Royal Ascot for women in particular? There are quite a few items on the list of what not to wear. For example, shoulders must not be exposed, and outfits that include a bare midriff cannot be worn in the exclusive area. A ruler may be required as female participants in dresses make their way into the illustrious facilities. Restrictions for wearing a dress in the Ascot Racecourse’s Royal Enclosure include that the dress must not be:

  • Strapless,
  • Off-the-shoulder, or have
  • Spaghetti straps or a
  • Halter-neck or have
  • Straps any narrower than 1 inch.

In the midst of all those no-no’s of fashion for women, there was another first, and it had nothing to do with the heat. This year, for the first time ever, women are allowed to wear a jumpsuit. Not just any jumpsuit is permitted, however. The proper jumpsuit will reach the ankles. Making concessions on the dress code has never happened in the history of this illustrious tradition, according to a spokeswoman for Ascot.

A Whole New Spin on Hot Horses

This historic dress code allowance at the timeless Royal Ascot event proves that a winning horse isn’t the only way for a hot streak to make history at a racing event.

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