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Revisiting Our Five Kentucky Derby Horses Who We Thought Had NO CHANCE of Winning

Revisiting Our Five Kentucky Derby Horses Who We Thought Had NO CHANCE of Winning

The week leading up to the Kentucky Derby I wrote an article titled Five Kentucky Derby Horses Who Have NO CHANCE of Winning…and it upset a lot of people.  I mean a lot!  The article was critized heavily, and honestly I was called names that I will not repeat in this article by both our Twitter and Facebook followers.  “This article is silly” was maybe one of the nicest of the negative comments the article received.  In the end who got the last laugh?  Lets find out.

1. Shagaf – 20th (DNF)

We really didn’t get a lot of grief over putting Shagaf on the list, but several “clockers” led us to believe Shagaf was working out well at Churchill Downs.  He very well may have been doing well in the morings, but he was pulled up in the Kentucky Derby as a precautionary measure while finishing dead last.  One for one.

2. Trojan Nation – 16th

Perhaps the easiest throw out in Kentucky Derby history as this still maiden had no shot to begin with, and then he drew the rail.  Tough break for him, but at least this year the rail was not occupied by a horse that actually had a chance to win the race.  Like Shagaf, I don’t think anyone thought this horse had much of chance so we didn’t take much flack for putting him on the list.  Two for two.

3. Tom’s Ready – 12th

He most likely got a lot of underneath play, but again nobody expected he would win this race and we all were right in thinking that.  Just didn’t make much of an impact in the race as he was mainly one paced the entire way around the track.  Like the first two horses on the list Tom’s Ready was not a favorite of many people that were betting on the Derby so he did not stir up much drama with our readers.  Three for three.

4. My Man Sam – 11th

This one made a lot of people UPSET!  I never stated in the previous article that I did not think My Man Sam was a nice horse, I just stated that his running style often times takes money in the Derby…and it often times puts horses in major jeopardy.  That’s exactly what happened as My Man Sam was getting ready to come with a run until he had do check hard and never could really regain momentum.  Look for him to run better next time out.  Four for four.

5. Majesto – 18th

His “gallop out” in the Florida Derby turned into the stuff of legends as he did indeed run out several lengths past Nyquist after the wire in that race.  The problem with gallop outs…often times they don’t mean all that much.  Remember when watching a race that it ends at the wire.  After the wire different trainers might want different things out of their horses, which leads to different gallop outs.  The bottom line on Majesto is he is most likely a colt on the improve, but he wasn’t ready for a race like the Kentucky Derby just yet.  Five for five.

Mission accomplished!

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