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Racing Dudes Weekly Football Tip Sheet: November 26-27

Racing Dudes Weekly Football Tip Sheet: November 26-27

Happy Thanksgiving! Horses may be our thing, but we are huge sports fans and always looking for a great betting opportunity. Each weekend we take a look over all college and NFL football games and give you our top plays. Resident sports gambling degenerate Austin Elsey IS BACK to help us out. Good luck!

Jared Welch

Last Week: 3-2

Overall Record: 24-21

NFL: San Diego Chargers/Houston Texans OVER 46.5

NFL: Tennessee Titans -5

NFL: Seattle Seahawks -6

NFL: New England Patriots -7

NFL: Green Bay Packers/Philadelphia Eagles OVER 47

Another winning record last week and adding more to my lead. Look for more of the same this week.

Aaron Halterman

Last Week: 2-3

Overall Record: 21-23-1

NCAAF: Ohio State -6

NFL: San Diego/Houston OVER 46.5

NFL: Seattle Seahawks -6

NFL: New England Patriots -8

NFL: Denver Broncos -3.5

No more explanations…they don’t make any sense anyway.  Eventually I’m going to have a big week.  Maybe this is it.

Austin Elsey

Last Week: 0-5

Overall Record: 15-30

After spending the last two weeks mopping up strip club floors to settle my debt to my bookie, I am back and my knees are almost healed.  In order to avoid falling back into another two week torture, let’s start making some winning picks!

NCAAF: OSU/Mich OVER 45.5. Likely the game of the year.  And with this much attention, expect to see to scoreboard lighting up.

NCAAF: Navy -7.  Come on, it’s SMU…

NFL: Seattle -5.5.  Tampa Bay may be benefitting from their win over KC last week and Russell Wilson is back in form after recording a touchdown reception last week.

NFL: Jacksonville/Buffalo UNDER 45. Most uninteresting game of the week? May be a FG fest.

NFL: New England -8.  No comment needed…

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