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Playing Value in the Kentucky Derby

Playing Value in the Kentucky Derby

Saturday’s Kentucky Derby will definitely be one of the most interesting of recent times. There are several horses in the field that stand out. What’s most interesting is that they haven’t run against one another so it’s extremely hard to go from a class angle. American Pharoah will most likely be the post time favorite and deserves to be. But I ask the question, how good has his competition been so far? We can also ask the same question when it comes to Dortmund and Carpe Diem. I will say that American Pharoah has been most impressive due to fashion in which he wins. I truly don’t think we’ve seen this horse all out yet and that’s a scary thought. Due to the big field and steep competition I think we’ll get a decent price on this horse, if we’re getting 3-1 or higher that seems like good value.

The field is big and we all know that can lead to traffic trouble and bad trips. Therefore if American Pharoah and Dortmond find trouble, it’s a good idea to have some other horses in there to cash in on. I’ll be playing around with Carpe Diem and International Star. I think Carpe Diem has a legitimate shot at winning and if International Star gets a good trip he has a shot as well. If the front runners get anxious and set fast splits, International Star is a great option for a rally in the stretch.

There will definitely be value this weekend and it should be very entertaining. I’ll have selections all weekend long and I’m also giving away my eBook at no cost. To get the selections along with my complimentary eBook, visit

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