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Papa Dudes Friday Pick 3’s and Pick 4’s 7/9/21
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Papa Dudes Friday Pick 3’s and Pick 4’s 7/9/21

This week I am going to focus on Ellis Park, Prairie Meadows and Lone Star Park and pick out what I consider to be the best Pick 3 and Pick 4 possibilities. Keep in mind it is difficult to hit a Pick 3 and very difficult to nail a Pick 4. However, the payouts can be good if you hit it right and the costs aren’t that extravagant.

Let’s get started.

Ellis Park: Races 3-5: This will be my first shot at a Pick 3 which has a couple of races I can go low on and then go heavy on the other one and the wager can be kept low. In Race 3 of the sequence, I’m going with #1 Break Curfew and #5 Sianara. I considered singling #5, but decided against it because I can go short in Race 5. In my opinion, the toughest race of the three is the 4th. This is a maiden race for 2-year olds and in the 8-horse field only one entry has ever raced, so there is very little form. I’m going to go with 5 horses in this one and stick with what I consider to be the 5 best trainers in the race. In race 5, I’m singling #5 He’smyhoneybadger trained by Brad Cox. This horse has won 2 of his last 3 starts and I’m banking on him to get the job done.

The Bet: 50-cent Pick 3 ( 1,5 / 2,4,6,7,8 / 5 ) $5 Wager

Prairie Meadows: Races 4-6 In my first of two Pick-3’s in Iowa I’m going with a fairly light wager. Race 4 features $7.5K maidens, and I won’t normally bet a nickel on these, but the race could provide value. I’ll take #3 Kowgirl Kirby and #5 Denali Rocket. In race 5 I’ll stay short again and use #4 Tap the Brakes and #5 You Talkin To Me. I’ll wrap it up going with 3 horses in the last race.

The Bet: 50-cent Pick 3 ( 3,5 / 4,5 / 3,7,8) $6 Wager

Prairie Meadows: Races 8-10 My second stab at hitting a Pick-3 will be in Iowa in the last three race sequence. Race 8 is a doggy race featuring $10K maiden runners. I’m not spending much money on this bet, so I’m going with #3 Ships Jewel and #6 Delight Surprise. In the 9th race we have allowance runners and I’m going with a Lynn Chleborad one-two finish using #1 Ideology and #9 Mahomes. And in the finale I’ll use #3 Downtown Brown as a single.

The Bet: 50-cent Pick 3 ( 3,6 / 1,9 / 3) $2 Wager

Lone Star Park: Races 8-11 I’m taking a shot at the late Pick-4 at Lone Star Park. I’m going 3-deep in Race 8 going with #1 Still of the Night, #6 Wink Texas, and #3 My Golden Bling. In the middle two legs of the sequence, I’m going with #1 Sag Harbor and #2 Mists of Time. In Race 9 and #5 Thomas Shelby and #6 Bear Oak in the 10th. I’ll go with three runners in the finale using #5 Our Southern Gal, #3 Smart Lassie, and #11 Momaria.

The Bet: 50-cent Pick 4 (1,6,3 / 1,2 / 5,6 / 5,3,11) $18 Wager

That will do it for today. I would like to give a shout out to the Tampa Bay Lightning as they won their 2nd straight Stanley Cup on Wednesday against the stubborn Montreal Canadiens. It was hockey at it’s finest and the playoffs were great, especially with the fans back in the stands, which makes hockey even better. Good luck on your bets and we shall try again tomorrow.

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