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Pace Advantage Angle Using BETMIX

Pace Advantage Angle Using BETMIX

As you probably know by now, in each race in BETMIX they analyze each factor and provide you with information about their win place show %, win place show ROI, accuracy, etc.  All of those rankings are combined, and when you look at the Factor Details in any race you can see each of the factors are ranked from best (1) to worst (45).  You can look at ALL factors at once, or you can choose a category to look at each category individually.

1. Click on “Pace” to show only pace factors
First, click on “pace” to show only the pace factors.

2. Determine if the top ranked Pace factor is in the top 10
Take a look at the factor rankings of the pace factors.  The top ranked factor in the PACE group must be ranked in the TOP 10.  If the top ranked pace factor is ranked 11 or higher you can stop right there and move on to another handicapping method.  If the BETMIX race profile stats do not consider Pace to be important for the race you are looking at then having a horse with a Pace advantage is not that big of a deal. Look for races where Pace matters, and for horses that have a big advantage in that factor.

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