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Now Use BETMIX on Your Phone or Tablet

Now Use BETMIX on Your Phone or Tablet

If you visit BETMIX from your phone or tablet you will see a new mobile version of the software.

There are a few big differences between the current desktop version of BETMIX and what you will see on your mobile device.

1. The sliders and Race Profile Stats have been combined. 


2. Quick Handicapping Buttons 
They’ve added some quick handicapping buttons to make handicapping on the go much easier. These buttons will provide you with 5 different handicapping methods based on the Race Profile Stats of the race you are handicapping.

Top 10: Uses the Top 10 factors for the race, with the top factor receiving the highest weighting.

Win%: Uses the factors that have the highest win percentage.

Hit The Board: Uses the highest ranked factors for Top4 across each category (Speed, Pace, Earnings, Trainer Jockey, Pedgree, Form, Class) to find the horse most likely to run 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Blend:  Uses the top ranked factor from each category in a weighted format (Speed, Pace, Earnings, Trainer Jockey, Pedgree, Form, Class) to provide you with the most balanced horse in the race.

Longshot: Uses factors with high win ROI$ to point out potential longshot horses.

Take a look at the video below for more information about the BETMIX mobile screens.

If you are not a subscriber you can always view the Free Race of the Day on the mobile version to see how it looks. As a subscriber, you can login to either the desktop or mobile version using your regular username and password.

The mobile version does not contain all of the functionality of the desktop version, but you can certainly apply your saved mixes, create and save mixes, use the overall rankings and much more.  BETMIX will be adding more functionality to the mobile site in the near future. Enjoy!

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