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In Which States Can I Place a Bet Online?

In Which States Can I Place a Bet Online?

The history of gambling in the US has been far more complex than other parts of the world. U.S. citizens have faced more barriers than their European counterparts. While many countries in Europe have easy access to gambling online, laws in the US have been slower to progress, meaning the industry’s growth has been somewhat limited.

However, all this changed just three years ago when the US Supreme Court struck down the historic ban on gambling, meaning that each individual state could decide whether or not to legalize online gambling and to what extent. Since then, the industry has grown significantly with more people than ever choosing to gamble online, whether it be for the Superbowl, NBA or any other sport you can imagine. 

The different laws in each state can be a little confusing to say the least. Below, you’ll find an all you need to know guide on the online betting laws in these major states. 

The Popularity of Online Betting

According to statistics, approximately 42% of the US population have participated in sports betting at some point in their lives, equating to around 106 million people. Bets were usually placed with sportsbooks or betting shops that were licensed by the government and involved an in-person visit, however a lot were placed illegally and often with criminals.

Yet, online betting has transformed the sports betting scene in which people can now place bets on their favorite sports easier than ever. Some of the benefits of placing bets online include:


When placing bets online, players are free to place their bets from any location in the world and at any time. While physical betting shops are bound by opening and closing times, online betting allows many more options where people don’t even need to leave the house. Also, the odds are updated by the second, something that massively benefits your average punter. 

More promotions and bonuses

With online sports betting, players can access many more bonuses and promotions, including big bonuses for new players. Many sites offer no deposit offers or free cash/ free spins to attract and retain new players in the highly competitive market space.

What’s more, with a higher volume of players, there’s more of a cash pot and bigger prizes to be won. 

More game variety 

Unlike brick-and-mortar betting shops where you can only choose from the markets provided, online betting establishments are able to offer an unlimited range of options. In addition, they’re also able to offer more competitive odds which increases a player’s chances of winning and increases their earnings drastically. 

Betting safety 

Peace of mind is priceless and when it comes to making online payments, there’s usually a small risk involved, however reputable sportsbooks have implemented some of the worlds most secure online payment systems. However, as technology has developed, cryptocurrencies have introduced a greater amount of reassurance. As the technology relies of blockchain, players have more anonymity while being able to make faster transactions as they’re not controlled by any form of centralized bank. 

What are the rules in major states for placing online sports bets?

While the passing of the new law by congress in 2018 was a huge win for the sports betting industry, it left many players wondering what they can and can’t do legally. Below are some of the rules you need to know in a few of the major states:


Pennsylvania was one of the first states in 2018 to allow online sports betting. Today, legal online betting sites are slowly growing in PA, in which it has one of the largest online betting markets in the US. 

In fact, Pennsylvania consistently sees some of the largest sports betting monthly handles, with New Jersey and Nevada taking second place, even though they both have larger populations. 

New Jersey

New Jersey was the third state to begin allowing online sports betting, in which today it has a healthy reputation for its online betting industry. According to data, over 80% of sports bets are taken in online format in the state, in which it’s known to have one of the friendliest operator systems going. 

New Hampshire

New Hampshire changed their laws for online sports betting a little later than other states, with online betting not being legalized until December 2019. The sole mobile operator in this state is Draft King. Whilst there’s still progress to be made, online betting growth is looking positive in this state. 

New Mexico

In New Mexico, online sports betting is now permitted. While the laws have not yet adapted in New Mexico, sports betting is allowed at casinos on Indian Reservation land under the Tribal Gaming agreement. 

New York

While physical sports bets can be placed at licensed venues in New York, online sports betting will not be legalized until next year. That being said, there will be a limited operator model which could limit industry growth and also the consumer experience. 

This has meant that neighboring state New Jersey has in the meantime become the Vegas of the East for New York residents. 

Rhode Island

Rhode Island was also one of the first states to reform their law, offering sports betting since 2018. However, William Hill is the only legal sports betting provider in the states for both in-person and online wagers.

Overall, there has been a tremendous amount of growth in the US for online sports betting in recent years. While many states are yet to transform their laws, the rapid growth of the industry is showing promise.

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