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Dudes Nail 9-1 Winner at Keeneland with Help from BETMIX

Dudes Nail 9-1 Winner at Keeneland with Help from BETMIX

Last Thursday at Keeneland. It was the last race of the day (Race 9) and we were all over the #1 horse, Simon Bar Sinister, as he entered the gate at 9-1. We had the horse listed as a FREE win selection on our Keeneland page, had the horse in our exotics on SimplePlays™, listed as our BEST VALUE on BestPlays™ / ValuePlays™, and on top of that, the race itself was included in that day’s RacePlays™So like I said, we were all in on the #1 horse!

The gates open and boom, wire-to-wire, our #1 makes every pole a wining one and brings it home at 9-1 paying $21.80 to win. What a away to end the day!


But what if I told it was not only us who liked the horse? BETMIX lit up with the #1 when we reviewed the race prior to making selections. Check this out:

BETMIX Keeneland Results

And then one of my favorite things to use in BETMIX, using the Race Profile stats:

BETMIX Race Profile

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