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Cheltenham Festival offers it all: Racing, Betting, Entertainment, and Fashion

Cheltenham Festival offers it all: Racing, Betting, Entertainment, and Fashion


Horse racing commands a massive following in Britain as a sport with the Cheltenham Festival considered among the best horse racing events world over. Every year, an estimated 250000 people grace the four-day event, each for different reasons. However, the most crucial reason myriads throng the Cheltenham Festival is due to the quality of racing as a sport on offer. The Cheltenham Festival offers 28 races over four days. These 28 races offer enough racing excitement for horse racing stakeholders to grace the popular event. Moreover, with a prize pool of over £4.5 million, the Cheltenham Festival ranks second only to the Grand National Tour.

The prize pool is sufficient motivation to continually attract top horses, jockeys, trainers and owners to the Cheltenham Festival to acquire a chunk of the sizeable prize pool on offer. The availability of top talent pool annually, in turn, translates to high-quality competition in the grade one races offered in the Cheltenham Festival. Mostly comprised of stakeholders from England and Ireland, only the pick of eligible competitors grace the Cheltenham Festival while in the process fostering healthy competition between the two countries in the horse racing world. The most anticipated races are often the Champions hurdle on the first day of the festival and the Cheltenham Gold Cup on the penultimate day of the festival.


All across the world, thousands, if not millions of people are winning big from betting. In recent times the betting scene has exploded, primarily due to the introduction of online casinos. Today, you can place your Bet on your favorite horse or game on several sites, including Bet 365, 888 Casino, William Hill, etc. Examples of odds offered in several online casinos include  Benie Des Dieux horse which is expected to race in Cheltenham festival has 4/6 odds of winning any race by WilliamHill. Clever combinations of these odds have made countless of people rich. So what are you waiting for, Bet Now to enjoy, life-changing winnings

Cheltenham festival offers the best opportunity to make huge winnings. The festival offers 28 different races providing an opportunity for both bookies and punters alike to gain financially off the prestigious horse racing event. Besides individual race wins, bookies offer other options for bets such as the jockey with the most race wins, the trainer with the most race wins and the country with the most race wins between England and Ireland. Top bookies go all out through betting offers like the Arkle Chase Betting Odds and free bets for all events on offer prior and on the eve of the event. Regarding betting odds on horses to win individual races, the bookies, for instance, consider three horses frontrunners for the Arkle Chase. As per William hill, Notebook is the leading frontrunner at 7/2, Fakir d’Oudairies follows at 5/1 and Cash Back comes third at 12/1. Another bookie, sky bet, considers Tiger Roll the leading front runner for the Cross Country Chase-Non Runner No Bet at 10/11. Easyland closely follows at 9/2 and Yanworth at 7/1.


Over the years the Cheltenham Festival has been in the headlines sometimes for all the wrong reasons other than actual horse racing. Back in 2016, for instance, some professional footballers were in the headlines for urinating in their drinks. While the acts are uncouth, these headlines portray the other side of the Cheltenham Festival, the entertainment side. Wrong headlines at the Cheltenham Festival are often as a result of partying and entertainment taken to the extremes. With the allure of socialization and a good time, the Cheltenham Festival offers another exciting option with some attendees never even viewing the races. In 2015, over 260000 pints of Guinness were sold along with 115000 wine bottles and 20000 champagne bottles. Accompanied by a live band and top-class hospitality, the Cheltenham Festival offers an excellent platform for socializing and entertainment for attendees. Lastly, the Cheltenham Festival has St. Patricks Day on day three of the event. By acknowledging St. Patricks Day, the Cheltenham Festival pays homage to the Irish holiday, which often coincides with the Cheltenham Festival. This acknowledgement of St. Patricks Day translates to holiday cheers and activities among the Irish racegoers who often flock the Cheltenham Festival.


The prestigious Cheltenham Festival often attracts royals, lords and ladies. The society’s creme gracing the Cheltenham Festival is indication enough of the high societal standards advocated and maintained over the years at the Cheltenham Festival. These standards are often exemplified by the fashion standards on display in the course of the four-day event. The ties of the Cheltenham Festival to fashion are further magnified by the ladies’ day, often on the second day of the four-day event.  This day is over the years significant with creativity, style and glamour, all to dazzle. In the wake of all the hype over a month to the Cheltenham Festival, believe it all because the Cheltenham Festival offers much more than just horse racing.

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