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Betting on Horse Racing – Facts You Should Know About Straight Bets

Betting on Horse Racing – Facts You Should Know About Straight Bets

Anyone interested in betting on horse races should know that there are two basic types of bets that he/she can place: exotic bets and straight bets.

If you’re new to horse race betting, you should always go with the straight bets, as they’re simple and inexpensive. All you’re required to do in these bets is select one horse that you expect to finish among the top 3 positions after the conclusion of the race. A majority of the courses accept minimum straight bets as low as $2. Apart from that, there are plenty of online sources that would readily offer you horse racing tips to effectively profit from such bets.

What’s more, you can even make use of horse racing free bets and increase your profits further. On the other hand, exotic bets are about multiple wagers placed on different horses under one single bet. These bets are comparatively more difficult to understand and should be played only if you have advanced betting skills. They are also more expensive and feature higher returns (compared to straight bets). Furthermore, regardless of the bet type that you utilize, you should stay constantly updated about the latest happenings surrounding the concerned race and tune into the tips offered by popular and reliable platforms.

About straight bets on horse races

As mentioned above, straight bets are mainly about betting on a single horse. Following are the different ways in which you can do that:

Win bets

In these straight bets, you bet on the possibility of your selected horse to finish the race in the first place. You stand to collect huge winnings if your selected horse indeed wins the race.

Place bets

Place bets are normally about predicting your selected horse to finish in the first or second place in the race. You bag the winning amount if it does finish in either of those two positions. The pay-out is comparatively lesser than win bets, but you do avail the security of two different places and a higher likelihood.

Show bets

This one is an extension of the two bet types discussed above. You’re required to select a horse you expect to be among the top 3 spots after the conclusion of the race. There is a comparatively higher winning chance as you have 3 places to pick from. Resultantly, the pay-out is also lower than the previous two bet types.

Across the board bets

Also known as ‘combo straight bets,’ in these horse race bets you wager on the possibility of your selected horse to win, place and show. Hence, it is 3 different bets combined into one. As expected, it’s a fairly expensive bet as you combine 3 different bets into a single wager.

Win/place and/or place/show bets

Quite similar to the Across the Board Bets discussed above, you place two different straight bets under a single one. As is evident, if you opt for the win/place bet, you’d expect your selected horse to finish in any of the top 2 positions. Placing a place/show bet on the other hand would involve your horse finishing in either of the third or second places.

Last but not the least, it’s also advisable to benefit from the horse-by-horse betting statistics offered by well-known platforms, so that you can factor in all such info and place well-informed bets.

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