Oaklawn Park Picks

Thanks for a Great Meet!!

Stats: (480) 141-82-61— 29.4% winners, 59.2% on the board


37 comments on “Oaklawn Park Picks

  1. I thought I might leave a few spot plays -

    #1 DKVH – Barraq with Drop and Second time out a solid ITM finish

    #2 Cecilsluckymistake – J. Martin trained – horse likes Oaklawn and is in capable hands

    #4 Madam Flatter By – Hiles is better once a horse has a start over track. Look for good improvement – Top two finish

    #5 Lauren Brooke – One of two horses not owned by the trainer. Working lights out at the track. Could be a nice play over the field

    #6 Lookin for a Home – Shumake ships his horses from the farm. This one ran a nice second behind a runaway winner. Shumake already with a win early in the meet.

    • Hey Ron! Yes, Oaklawnanywhere.com is a new website launched by Oaklawn where you can wager online. It is open to Arkansas residents only. It was built by Twin Spires, and I would guess it looks a lot like their kind of website. I also think you can bet all the tracks there, but I’m not sure on that. Good luck tomorrow if you are playing!

  2. There is a problem , show-me residents cannot sign up on either one because our state does not have a racing commission so we cannot sign up for either one. The oaklawnanywhere is only for Arkansas residents only, so apparently we will have to go back to the old way of standing in line to make a bet instead of doing from one of our smart devices. Will be down this weekend but pretty disappointed because MyOaklawn is no more.

    • I could not agree more with you. We are Missouri residents as well and it really is terrible that we can’t wager online. It creates quite the problem as we have to drive an hour across the boarder to Oklahoma to wager. I guess if you don’t live close to Oklahoma you are really out of luck.

      Why Oaklawn took away the “My Oaklawn” deal is beyond me. I know a lot of people that used that and they won’t be happy to see it no longer exists. I think Oaklawn sometimes doesn’t realize how many out of state people go to the track multiple times a year. They need to do a better job marketing to people outside the state of Arkansas.

  3. Agree one hundred percent, have talked to several staff members about this matter, but no avail it is going to disappoint many mo residents this weekend when they have to stand in line and many complaints will arise no doubt. Just letting you know it is great to have local guys doing what you are doing for this industry in this area I appreciate and check in often. Good luck this weekend, nothing beats opening weekend at oaklawn except for closing weekend

  4. Cool site guys and I appreciate the Oawlawn coverage! I live in Arkansas and have a place in Hot Springs for racing season. It’s crazy how Oaklawn has gained national attention over the past 10 years. We met people last weekend from all over the nation that were there for opening weekend. OaklawnAnywhere is identical to Twinspires. I also received my $100 sign up bonus for just placing $100 worth of bets…WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

    Good luck this weekend…there was some money made yesterday at OP!

  5. I noticed that at the end of the day Thursday you top picks were
    (81) 25-11-10. On Friday you guys had 1 winner and 2 seconds with one scratch. How does your record jump to (90) 27-13-10 when your wins should only be at 26? Do you just chalk up a win every time your top choice scratches? Seems like that would be padding your stats and misleading people.

    • Anytime our top pick scratches are pick becomes the post time favorite. Since we both work throughout the day we cannot do live updates when scratches happen. In this certain case the favorite won. I can assure you that many times this is not the case, and in the long run our stats are probably hurt by this. Thanks for noticing this though, and thank you for visiting the site!

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      • That makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to explain the process. I guess I’m just skeptical by nature. Keep up the great work! Great site!

      • Yeah I’m usually that was as well. Before we started the site I researched that situation a little bit and it seemed to be what other handicappers do. Thanks for the compliment, hope we can pick some more winners.

  6. I noticed that you guys don’t pick very many favorites and it’s nice to find a website that can do that. You guys are doing a very good job keep it up.

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