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June 1, 2016

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Stats: (374) 110-72-59 — 29.4% winners, 64.4% on the board

Race 1: #2 Southern Stroll

Race 2: #4 Remembering Richie

Race 3: #3 Twinkling

Race 4: #4 White Hart Lane

Race 5: #7 Arty’sbourbongirl

Race 6: #4 Silver Sashay

Race 7: #2 Russian Greek

Race 8: #7 Angel of Love


May 14 Gulfstream Exacta R2 $98.40
May 14 Gulfstream Trifecta R2 $225.20
May 14 Gulfstream Exacta R3 $17.80
May 14 Gulfstream Trifecta R3 $46.20
May 14 Gulfstream Exacta R5 $23.80
May 14 Gulfstream Trifecta R5 $119.20
May 14 Gulfstream Super R5 $233.40
May 14 Gulfstream Exacta R7 $36.00
May 14 Gulfstream Trifecta R7 $87.80

On May 14th, our premium GULFSTREAM PARK tipsheet paid out $4,611.30!

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