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Track Stats


2/22Delta DownsRace 3-5Pick 3$114.40
2/22Delta DownsRace 2-5Pick 4$140.10
2/22Delta DownsRace 4-6Pick 3$269.40
2/22Delta DownsRace 9Trifecta$149.60
2/22Delta DownsRace 8-9Daily Double$135.00
2/22Mahoning ValleyRace 1-5Pick 5$547.30
2/22Mahoning ValleyRace 7Trifecta$112.20
2/22Turf ParadiseRace 1-3Pick 3$103.00
2/22Turf ParadiseRace 1-4Pick 4$138.60
2/22Turf ParadiseRace 5Trifecta$110.20
2/21Aqueduct Race 6Trifecta$193.48
2/21Fair GroundsRace 3Superfecta$106.60
2/21Fair GroundsRace 1-3Pick 3$207.40
2/21Fair GroundsRace 2-4Pick 3$240.00
2/21Fair Grounds Race 3-5Pick 3$125.40
2/21Fair GroundsRace 2-5Pick 4$213.80
2/21Fair Grounds Race 1-5Pick 5$1,663.40
2/21Fair Grounds Race 4-6Pick 3$191.00
2/21Fair GroundsRace 9Superfecta$464.20
2/21Golden GateRace 4Trifecta$225.60
2/21Golden GateRace 4Superfecta$646.00
2/21Golden GateRace 3-5Pick 3$114.40
2/21Golden GateRace 2-5Pick 4$139.20
2/21Golden GateRace 1-5Pick 5$304.60
2/21Gulfstream ParkRace 6Trifecta$411.60
2/21Gulfstream ParkRace 10Trifecta$400.40
2/21Gulfstream Park Race 8-10Pick 3$180.60
2/21Gulfstream ParkRace 11Trifecta$142.00
2/21Gulfstream ParkRace 9-11Pick 3$210.00
2/21Gulfstream ParkRace 8-11Pick 4$532.10
2/21Laurel ParkRace 6Trifecta$204.20
2/21Laurel ParkRace 9Superfecta$120.20
2/21Santa AnitaRace 5Trifecta$171.60
2/21Santa AnitaRace 5Superfecta$577.20
2/21Santa Anita Race 7Trifecta$459.00
2/21Santa AnitaRace 6-7Daily Double$107.40
2/21Santa AnitaRace 5-7Pick 3$318.00
2/21Santa AnitaRace 6-8Pick 3$130.20
2/21Santa AnitaRace 7-9Pick 3$162.00
2/21Santa AnitaRace 6-9Pick 4$213.60
2/21Santa Anita Race 5-9Pick 5$731.80
2/20Aqueduct Race 2Trifecta$121.48
2/20Aqueduct Race 4Superfecta$181.00
2/20Aqueduct Race 6Superfecta$120.00
2/20Aqueduct Race 4-6Pick 3$252.00
2/20Aqueduct Race 5-7Pick 3$172.00
2/20Aqueduct Race 9Trifecta$125.00
2/20Charles TownRace 5Trifecta$240.60
2/20Charles TownRace 5Superfecta$488.80
2/20Fair GroundsRace 2Superfecta$159.60
2/20Fair GroundsRace 2-4Pick 3$118.20
2/20Fair GroundsRace 2-5Pick 4$120.00
2/20Fair Grounds Race 1-5Pick 5$163.10
2/20Fair Grounds Race 4-6Pick 3$139.40
2/20Fonner Park Race 3Superfecta$241.00
2/20Fonner ParkRace 2-4Pick 3$167.00
2/20Fonner Park Race 7Trifecta$132.40
2/20Golden GateRace 4Trifecta$116.40
2/20Golden GateRace 8Trifecta$233.40
2/20Golden GateRace 8Superfecta$844.40
2/20Gulfstream ParkRace 5Superfecta$362.80
2/20Laurel ParkRace 2Trifecta$248.20
2/20Laurel ParkRace 4Trifecta$111.00
2/20Los Alamitos Race 2Trifecta$229.60
2/20Los AlamitosRace 2Superfecta$435.00
2/20Los Alamitos Race 7Trifecta$217.40
2/20Los Alamitos Race 6-8Pick 3$205.40
2/20Mahoning ValleyRace 2-4Pick 3$116.80
2/20Santa Anita Race 4Trifecta$375.40
2/20Santa AnitaRace 1-5Pick 5$107.30
2/20Tampa Bay Downs Race 1Superfecta$168.60
2/19Aqueduct Race 5-8Pick 4$114.24
2/19Fair GroundsRace 1-3Pick 3$115.00
2/19Fair Grounds Race 4Trifecta$160.60
2/19Fair GroundsRace 2-5Pick 4$151.70
2/19Fair GroundsRace 1-5Pick 5$914.20
2/19Fair Grounds Race 4-6Pick 3$146.00
2/19Fair GroundsRace 5-7Pick 3$153.20
2/19Fair GroundsRace 4-7Pick 4$432.70
2/19Fair Grounds Race 8Trifecta$158.40
2/19Fair GroundsRace 8Superfecta$490.00
2/19Fair GroundsRace 6-8Pick 3$262.20
2/19Fair Grounds Race 7-9Pick 3$110.60
2/19Fair Grounds Race 6-9Pick 4$372.40
2/19Fair GroundsRace 5-9Pick 5$845.30
2/19Golden Gate Race 5-7Pick 3$172.40
2/19Golden GateRace 5-8Pick 4$238.40
2/19Golden GateRace 4-8Pick 5$412.40
2/19Gulfstream Park Race 1-3Pick 3$420.20
2/19Gulfstream Park Race 2-4Pick 3 $100.20
2/19Gulfstream Park Race 1-5Pick 5$439.60
2/19Los AlamitosRace 6Superfecta$279.20
2/19Santa AnitaRace 5Trifecta$145.80
2/19Santa AnitaRace 5Superfecta$406.80
2/19Santa AnitaRace 3-5Pick 3$110.80
2/19Santa Anita Race 2-5Pick 4$169.70
2/19Santa Anita Race 1-5Pick 5$337.50
2/19Santa Anita Race 4-6Pick 3$103.00
2/19Santa Anita Race 5-7Pick 3$146.80
2/19Santa AnitaRace 5-9Pick 5$390.50
2/19Tampa Bay DownsRace 1Superfecta$542.60
2/19Tampa Bay Downs Race 7Trifecta$137.00
2/19Tampa Bay DownsRace 7Superfecta$277.60
2/19Tampa Bay Downs Race 8Trifecta$131.40
2/19Turf ParadiseRace 8Trifecta$111.00
2/19Turf ParadiseRace 8Superfecta$185.00
2/19Turf ParadiseRace 6-9Pick 4$101.50
2/19Turf ParadiseRace 5-9Pick 5$184.86
2/18Fair Grounds Race 2Trifecta$386.40
2/18Fair Grounds Race 2Superfecta$345.00
2/18Fair GroundsRace 2-3Daily Double $149.00
2/18Fair Grounds Race 1-3Pick 3$340.20
2/18Fair GroundsRace 2-4Pick 3$1,009.80
2/18Fair GroundsRace 3-5Pick 3$319.00
2/18Fair Grounds Race 2-5Pick 4$2,221.10
2/18Fair GroundsRace 1-5Pick 5$4,666.05
2/18Fair Grounds Race 6Superfecta$164.60
2/18Gulfstream ParkRace 6Superfecta$371.00
2/18Gulfstream ParkRace 5-7Pick 3$479.00
2/18Gulfstream Park Race 9Trifecta$187.80
2/18Turf ParadiseRace 2Superfecta$144.00
2/18Turf ParadiseRace 5-7Pick 3$139.00
2/17Charles TownRace 4Trifecta$131.00
2/17Charles TownRace 4Superfecta$424.00
2/17Charles TownRace 7Trifecta$135.80
2/17Gulfstream Park Race 7Superfecta$231.00
2/17Penn National Race 3Trifecta$109.60
2/17Tampa Bay DownsRace 3-5Pick 3$146.60
2/17Tampa Bay Downs Race 2-5Pick 4 $145.30
2/17Tampa Bay DownsRace 4-6Pick 3$100.60
2/17Tampa Bay DownsRace 5-7Pick 3$133.80
2/17Tampa Bay DownsRace 6-8Pick 3$156.60
2/17Tampa Bay DownsRace 7-9Pick 3$143.80
2/17Tampa Bay DownsRace 6-9Pick 4$139.70
2/17Tampa Bay DownsRace 5-9Pick 5$782.00
2/17Turf ParadiseRace 6Superfecta$124.80
2/17Turf ParadiseRace 7Trifecta$191.00
2/17Turf ParadiseRace 7Superfecta$503.60
2/16Fair GroundsRace 6-9Pick 4$117.10
2/16Fair GroundsRace 5-9Pick 5$223.40
2/16Mahoning ValleyRace 1Superfecta$104.40
2/16Mahoning ValeyRace 2-4Pick 3$175.20
2/16Mahoning ValleyRace 3-5Pick 3$198.40
2/16Mahoning Valley Race 7-9Pick 3$159.00

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