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The Rise Of Virtual Horse Racing

The Rise Of Virtual Horse Racing

Betting companies have had to become more imaginative in order to keep gamblers interested, in an era when internet gambling has become a 24/7 industry.

Over the last several years, technological improvements have enabled bookmakers to develop and expand the availability of video recreations of sports events, known as virtual sports. Horse racing is one of the most popular virtual sports, with all of the major sportsbooks giving odds on daily meets.

Virtual horse racing has come a long way since its inception, thanks to industry-leading software. Punters can now bet on virtual horse racing from the comfort of their own home, at their convenience. And modern technology means that the races themselves provide a remarkably lifelike betting and spectating experience.

Virtual horse racing has proved to be extremely popular, with some punters even preferring it to the real thing! So why has this novel form of betting taken off?

Shorter timescales

The most beneficial aspect of virtual horse racing is that events are completed much more quickly than real racing, with the time between each event being much shorter.

A normal racing meeting typically has six to eight races, with each race starting around half an hour apart. By contrast, each race in a virtual horse racing meeting takes just three minutes to complete, from start to finish, which means you can complete 20 races in an hour. When you multiply that by three or four hours, you have roughly 60 to 80 events to wager on in the same amount of time. As a result, the virtual punter has a lot more options. 

No need for lengthy study

One of the most fascinating things about betting on real horse racing is the range of variables you can use to make your bet. This can include anything from the jockey to the recent form of the horse. Yet although this information may help you decide whether to back a horse, developing the comprehensive knowledge and research skills required to utilize this information can take years to master and hours every day to perfect. 

So, for those who like to bet on horse racing safely and affordably, but who aren’t too concerned about making a profit, virtual horse racing is a welcome change. All of the data relating to the virtual contestants are randomly generated and do not affect a horse’s performance, while the races are generated through a random number generator. So, there is less emphasis on studying and more on enjoying the thrill of the race, since everyone betting on the race is in the same situation. 

Betting at your convenience

Horse racing is among the most popular sports in the world, and there are multiple meetings every day. Yet despite the high number of fixtures, real horse racing cannot compete with the convenience of the virtual world, which can offer 24/7 racing every day of the year. 

This is especially beneficial for people who work odd hours and who may not have a chance to watch real racing but want to know the result of a race they have wagered on immediately. 

No bad luck stories

In real horse racing, outside factors might often jeopardize your selected horse’s chances of winning a race. This might involve a stewards’ inquiry finding that your horse infringed on another’s chances or your horse taking a tumble, being subject to interference or jockey error, or any of the dozens of possible unlucky incidents that can ruin a good race. 

In the virtual world, though, none of these things can happen, therefore you’ll always get a real race, with the victor always being the first horse to cross the finish line.


One of the significant disadvantages of betting on horse racing for many of us is the question of animal cruelty. While the horse racing industry has come a long way over the years, there are still concerns about the way in which some horses are treated, and about whether it is ethical to race animals at all.

So, for some, virtual horse racing represents an opportunity to enjoy the thrills of a horse race, including the betting and the race itself, without any of the ethical concerns associated with real horse racing.


Of course, virtual horse racing is not the same kind of challenge as real horse racing. It is a game of luck, and long term, the bookmaker will always have an edge. Yet for those who enjoy the thrill of racing, it has many advantages and can be a fun way to enjoy horse racing with none of the complications.

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