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The Racing Dogs are Back: Weekend Stakes Selections

The Racing Dogs are Back: Weekend Stakes Selections

They are back!!!  The Racing Dogs were last seen handicapping the Lexington Stakes at Keeneland, and now will be handicapping the bigger stakes races for this weekend.  After going for a nice brisk walk to clear their minds, and chasing squirrels for hours, they finally sat down to handicap the races.  Here are their selections.  Good luck to all playing this weekend!

Sammy’s Picks:

La Jolla Hanicap (Grade 2) – #1 Blingo – I like Mr. Sherriffs a lot, and I once watched a movie about this horses brother…except it was a dog, and BINGO was his name-o!

Gardenia Stakes (Grade 3) – #5 Absinthe Minded – Call it a hunch…but the “white rat” Lukas gets his first win in what seems like years in this one.

Evangeline Mile Handicap – #8 Sweetsouthernmoon – Sometimes the color of my eyes are compared to a sweet southern moon.

Monmouth Oaks (Grade 3) – #5 Morrow Cove – Another “white rat” here in Todd Pletcher.  Ever since Cajun Calvin about killed himself on this horse at Oaklawn Park she’s been tough to beat.

Prairie Meadows Juvenile Mile Stakes – #9 Sir Pulpit – My man Alex Birzer will point Sir Pulpit in the right direction.  If he doesn’t…I’ll bite him where it hurts the most!

David M.Vance Sprint Stakes – #1 Apprehender – Chris Richard…great trainer and fancy dresser!  Wouldn’t you like to know if that’s the same blue Nike Hoodie worn over and over again, or if he has 50 of them in his closet?

Governor’s Cup Handicap – #5 Alternation – My owner loves him, and I do as well.

Forstardave Handicap (Grade 2) – #7 Corporate Jungle – They call me the big ape.  Ape’s live in the jungle…hunch play!

Adirondack Stakes (Grade 2) – #3 Kauai Katie – I’m not much into horses, but this is one FIIIIIIIIIINE looking filly!

Saratoga Special Stakes (Grade 2) – #2 He’s So Fine – Speaking of fine, this horse is surely named after me!

John C. Mabee Stakes (Grade 2) – #4 Nereid – Another Sherriffs horse…

Filly’s Picks:

La Jolla Handicap (Grade 3) – #2 Old Time Hockey – I love old-time hockey and consider the only hat trick to be the “Gordie Howe” hat trick….a fight, a goal, and an assist.  As far as this race goes, I don’t care.

Gardenia Stakes (Grade 3) – #3 Joyful Victory – Any filly race not including Brushed by a Star or Someplace Else makes me yawn.  I hate Larry Jones and his cry baby ways, but I do have a thing for grays!

Evangeline Mile Handicap – #3 Apart – I will not be watching this race.  I hate the state of Louisiana because of LSU.

Monmouth Oaks (Grade 3) – #1 Wine Princess – Obviously they named this horse after Larry Jones, which I find hysterical.  I hope this one rolls by ten.

Prairie Meadows Juvenile Mile Stakes – #2 American Sugar – I think I’ve taken a liking to Lynn Chleborad.  Always smiling likes she’s as high as a kite!  Probably my favorite trainer…

David M. Vance Sprint Stakes – #7 Okie Ride – I love Okie’s and I love to ride!

Governor’s Cup Handicap – #5 Alternation – I hope my man Donnie K dresses up for this one!  That guy sure does clean up NIIIICE!

Fourstardave Handicap (Grade 2) – #2 Wise Dan – I lost a grand on this slug in the Stephen Foster.  Jumping off the dog house head first if he loses again!

Adirondack Stakes (Grade 2) – #3 Kauai Katie – Not even I am dumb enough to bet against this one!

Saratoga Special Stakes (Grade 2) – #2 He’s So Fine – This one certainly wasn’t named after Dale Romans…

John C. Mabee Stakes (Grade 2) – #4 Nereid – If all the Cajun jockeys entered a beauty contest, Talamo wins by 10 lengths! Of course his competition isn’t much.  Robby?  NO!  Calvin?  NO!  Kent?  HELL NO!

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