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The Popularity of Horse Racing Compared to Other Sports in the US

The Popularity of Horse Racing Compared to Other Sports in the US

The United States is one of the regions where horse racing is highly acclaimed. Owing to this, it is one of the sports where gamblers place their wages in sportsbooks and other kinds of betting platforms in the US. With the right odds or good luck, placing bets on horse racing not only provides income from the winnings but also entertains the players. 

With an increasing interest in betting, numerous sites are being established every other day. These sites incorporate several sports, including horse racing. An ideal example of such a site is Unibet, where players can bet on sports in Arizona. To some extent, when a sport like horse racing is listed on a betting site, this enhances the sport’s popularity.

The History of Horse Racing in the US

Bearing more than 20 enigmatic race tracks is adequate proof that horse racing is quite a celebrated sport in the US. In addition to this, it is one of the oldest sports in the United States and other regions as wee. Horse racing is therefore a deeply rooted sport, that can be traced back a couple of centuries ago.

The first track was launched in the 17th century and since then, many more have been established. Whenever there are racing events on some of these tracks, the horse racing enthusiasts in attendance are usually more than one hundred thousand. It is no wonder that some of the biggest horse racing events globally are held in some of these iconic tracks.

What Are the Most Popular Horse Racing Events Held in the US?

The objective of these events is to exhibit exemplary racehorses and also provide an avenue where people can bet and stand a chance to win astounding prizes such as large sums of money. Some of these events in the US include:

  1. Kentucky derby

On the first Saturday in May, thousands of spectators show up in the Churchill downs track to watch as the horses are racing. In the United States, this derby always has the greatest number of people watching. Three million dollars are up for grabs for the winner in this event.

2. Preakness stakes

Just two weeks after the Kentucky Derby, is when we have the Preakness stakes. The event is held at the Pimlico racecourse. It is the second most-watched horse race in the United States. The prize in this race is one million dollars.

3. Belmont stakes

Belmont Park is flocked with large numbers of people on either of the first two Saturdays of June, ready to watch who secures the prize of one and a half million dollars. This event hosts one of the most thrilling horse races in the US.

These three events in the US are some of the most exhilarating horse races globally, attracting large masses both locally and from abroad. Even so, there are other sports in the US that are more popular than horse racing. Over the years, or rather, centuries, multiple sports have come up and overtaken horse racing as a favorite sport.

Sports In the US That Are More Popular Than Horse Racing

The US is home to some of the leading sports around the world. The country has a steadfast fan base of numerous sports. In the US, players in these sports are groomed from a tender age and eventually turn out to be excellent players as they grow up. With the extraordinary sports culture in the US, here are the dominating sports in the country, with more popularity than horse racing:

  1. American football
  2. Tennis
  3. Basketball
  4. Baseball
  5. Golf
  6. Soccer
  7. Motorsports
  8. Wrestling
  9. Boxing
  10. Ice hockey

The most-liked sport in the US is American football. The other sports indicated above are, however, not listed in the order of their popularity. Most of these sports have seasonal leagues that generate a revenue of billions of dollars annually. As a result, the highest-ranking players in these sports are among the athletes who receive the highest remuneration globally.

Why Is Horse Racing Less Popular in the US Now?

In the past few years, horse racing in the US has faced negative publicity. With numerous allegations of horses being drugged among other scandals, this has reduced people’s interest in the sport. On account of this, fewer horses are bred for racing and when events are held, there are fewer spectators in the tracks. Most of these enthusiasts have since been shifting their interest to sports that have good publicity and are more marketable. 

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