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The Dudette Handicaps Gulfstream’s 1/30/13 Card

The Dudette Handicaps Gulfstream’s 1/30/13 Card

The Dudette Shares a Moment with Kale's Kourage
The Dudette Shares a Moment with Kale’s Kourage

My betting strategy is simple, and most say ineffective (especially my husband).  I rely heavily on the horses looks and karma.  I am a huge fan of seeing the horses up close and betting based on what I see.  I root for the underdog, and like to let them know I think they can do it.  I like fields of 8 or less.  It’s a given your odds of winning go up when the number in the field goes down.  I put my trust (and my money) on these philosophies.  It’s hard to do all of this by looking at a computer screen, but I’ll try my best.  I’ll leave you with this: I don’t always come out a winner, but leaving the track even is enough for me!

Race 1:  A 7 horse field is my kind of race! I like #2 Graybignbadlikedad because, well, he’s gray.  I also like his 6/1 ML odds 🙂

Race 2:  Having 11 horses in a race is ridiculous.  I’m going with #9 Harling’s Darling because I was told to pick a horse in every race.

Race 3:  I like #6 It’s Time to Reign because at 20/1 in an 8 horse race I want to see it rain some green 🙂

Race 4:  Again with 10 horses, bad idea.  I’ll go with #10 Whatsnottolike because he’s the only one from Maryland 🙂  Lovin’ me some northeast!

Race 5:  12 horses!!  What is this, the Jr. Kentucky Derby?!  Exacta Box: #3 Silver Value and #6 Money Clip because I feel like I’m just handing over the money clip on this one.

Race 6:  10 horse race.  I am going with #5 Five Lilly because I thought it said Filly Lilly when I read it and that is our pups name 🙂  12/1 ML is great too!

Race 7:  I’ll go with #11 A Little Off because we are all a little off every now and again 🙂  Best of luck with this 12/1 payout

Race 8:  Bring on the 8 horse races!  This is what I’m taking about.  My pick is #3 Saratoga Blitz because, let’s be honest, Saratoga is my track.  Hometown love to my NY roots.

Race 9:  I am choosing #10 Happy Fella in this race solely because of the name….again.  I don’t like that he’s a chestnut (sorry honey, they just aren’t my favorite), but how can a horse NOT do well with a name like Happy Fella!  At 5/1 he isn’t bad odds either.

Race 10:  Maiden Claimers….I haven’t mentioned it before but these are some of my FAVORITE races.  EVERY horse has a chance to win their first race.  These are the babes you really route for, because it’s their chance to shine.  Even though it’s a large field, I’ll go with #2 Colorado Daydream because I am always dreaming of the day I’ll get to go back to Colorado.  I am a cold weather girl, so what’s with this SPRING weather in January?

Go BIG or go home….and good luck my fellow horse racing fans 🙂

-The Dudette

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