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The Playoffs Are Set for 2021
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Playoffs Are Set for 2021

Championship Weekend has come and gone and the Final Four is all set. The Dudes Who Bet Sports pretty much had it all figured out last week with the only question being, if Alabama could beat Georgia. We, along with almost everyone else, thought the Bulldogs would win that matchup and we all forgot the rule; NEVER BET AGAINST ALABAMA. With Oklahoma State choking in the Big 12 Championship game, it would have been interesting to see who would have been the fourth team chosen, if Alabama had lost too. But, that didn’t become an issue. So let’s look at an early preview of the semifinal matchups.


Personally, I would have ranked Cincinnati higher than 4th, because they are 13-0 and no one else in the FBS, can say that. But, I knew that was not going to happen, and I suppose, the Bearcats should be content to just be a part of the Final Four. They will be the Cinderella team of the four and anyone who isn’t an Alabama fan, will be rooting for them to win. They are an experienced team that played under incredible pressure and made it through undefeated. The pressure they were under was increased by the fact, that they knew they had to go undefeated; they simply couldn’t lose if they were to make it. But, do they have enough to beat a seasoned SEC powerhouse?

Alabama is a team that is so experienced with all of the hoopla that comes with being in this situation. And, that is something, that can’t be overlooked. They have been there, hell they own this position. They have faced every kind of obstacle that will be thrown at them. They will be heavy favorites, they will be the villains, and they are always in that circumstance. Nothing will bother them. On the other hand, this Alabama team has shown more vulnerability that some of the others. They have struggled in several games and could have lost two, or even, three times. But here they are and no one is going to bet against them.

EARLY LINE: Alabama -13.5


The Wolverines come into the playoffs on a roll after beating Ohio State 42-27, and then adding an encore performance, thrashing Iowa 42-3 in the Big Ten Championship. They are a physical, fundamentally sound, well-coached, group and they are worthy of being the 2nd seed. They will have no fear of Georgia, and their offense is a lot better than people give them credit for. Defensively, they will cause problems for Georgia and create havoc with a ferocious pass rush.

Before yesterday, Georgia was being compared to the greatest teams of all time. That has taken a considerable hit after the beatdown by the Crimson Tide. Alabama beat them with a great quarterback and a stable of great wide receivers. They took away the strength of the Georgia defense. The chore for the Bulldogs now is simple; forget what happened and correct what they can before the next game. They don’t have that bullseye on their back anymore, and that might relieve them of a lot of pressure, and be a benefit to their chances. They still were dominant for 12 weeks and that stands for something.

EARLY LINE: Georgia -7.5

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