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Takeaways After Week 7 in the NFL
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Takeaways After Week 7 in the NFL

This might have been the worst week of NFL football in many seasons. Six of the 14 games were decided by more than 20 points. Five more had winning margins of at least 10 points. Only 2 games were settled by less than 10. The Cardinals stayed undefeated and are now 7-0. Tampa Bay, Green Bay, and the Rams kept rolling. The Cincinnati Bengals flexed their muscles and walloped the Ravens in Baltimore and Tennessee won their second straight touch game with a 27-3 thumping of disappointing Kansas City. Let’s update the divisions.

NFC LEAST: Combined Record 11-16

STOCK UP: Dallas The Cowboys had their bye week and will be back in action on Sunday night against Minnesota.

AT LEAST THEY WON: The New York Giants came off the deck and won their 2nd game over Carolina.

STOCK DOWN: The Eagles dropped to 2-5 and with their loss at Las Vegas. The used-to-be Redskins played ok, but still loss to the Packers.

NFC NORTH: Combined Record 12-15

STOCK UP: Green Bay continues to roll with their sixth straight win and are complete control of the division.

BIG GAME THIS WEEK: Minnesota comes off the bye week and hosts the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. If they can win this one, all of a sudden they will be 4-3 and in the playoff picture.

STOCK DOWN: Chicago was non-competitive in their 38-3 loss at Tampa Bay.

STOCK TAKEN OFF THE MARKET: Detroit is now 0-7 and, believe it or not, they have a chance this week against the Eagles.

NFC SOUTH: Combined Record 16-10

STOCK UP: Tampa Bay continues to roll after a 38-3 thumping of the Bears.

GREAT WIN: The Saints won a tough, hard-fought game in the rain at Seattle and that sets up a big game with Tampa this week,

BEATING THE TEAMS YOU SHOULD: Atlanta came from behind against Miami and are now 3-3 for the season.

STOCK DOWN: Carolina lost their 4th straight game and have lost all momentum after starting the season 3-0.

NFC WEST: Combined Record 17-10

STOCK UP: Arizona and Los Angeles Both of these teams continue to win and are two of the best in the NFL.

ARE THESE TWO DONE?: San Francisco and Seattle. The 49ers lost 30-18 at home against the Colts in a game that they had to win to stay relevant in this division and they are now 2-4. The Seahawks are missing Russell Wilson and can’t overcome his loss and they are now 2-5.

AFC EAST: Combined Record 9-17

STOCK UP: Buffalo comes off the bye week and hosts the hapless Miami Dolphins.

GOT A MUST WIN: The Patriots took care of the Jets for their third win and head to LA for a tough game against the Chargers.

STOCK DOWN: The Dolphins and the Jets. Miami lost their sixth in a row and they are on a road heading to nowhere. New York got humiliated by the Patriots.

AFC NORTH: Combined Record 17-10

STOCK UP: Cincinnati is tied for first in the tough AFC North and they are legit. And, they are going into New York to play the Jets this week.

COMING OFF THE BYE WEEK: Pittsburgh heads into Cleveland for a game that keeps the winner in good position.

STILL IN GOOD SHAPE: Baltimore lost to the Bengals, but they are still 5-2 and a lot of other NFL teams would take that.

SHOWED SOME GUTS: The Browns showed a lot of heart by beating the Broncos 17-14 on Thursday night. They came into the game with tons of injuries, but 3rd-string running back, D’Ernest Johnson was brilliant, as he rushed for 146 yards on 22 carries.

AFC SOUTH: Combined Record 10-17

STOCK UP: The Tennessee Titans won their 2nd straight big game as they dominated Kansas City 27-3. They seem to be playing at the level a lot of people thought they should playing.

TWO STRAIGHT: The Colts defeated the 49ers in the rain and are now 3-4.

AT LEAST THEY HAVE A WIN: Jacksonville comes back from the bye and heads to Seattle.

STOCK DOWN: Houston might be the worst team in the league.

AFC WEST: Combined Record 15-12

STOCK UP: Las Vegas has won two games in a row after the Jon Gruden fiasco and go into their bye week at 5-2.

BACK FROM A BYE: The Chargers come back from a bye with a 4-2 record and a home game against the Patriots.

THE MYSTERY TEAM OF THE NFL: Kansas City is 3-4 after seven games and no one predicted that. They have a -10 turnover ratio and that is a lot of the problem. It also would help if they had a defense that could stop somebody.

STOCK DOWN: Denver lost their fourth in a row and have a chance at a win against the used-to-be Redskins this week. .

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