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Reviewing the NBA Heading in to the Last Week of the Regular Season
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Reviewing the NBA Heading in to the Last Week of the Regular Season

There were 12 games on the schedule yesterday and we had an excellent Survival Sunday.

For the 2nd night in a row, the Miami Heat came through as our Best Bet and beat Toronto 114-109. That improved our Best Bet of the Day record to 65-32 since Jan. 1st.

We also made a nice profit on our Upset Special as the Mavericks beat the Bucks on the road and were 5.5-pt. underdogs.

We were a nice 9-3 betting the MoneyLine, and our overall record now stands at 393-201 for 202

Today there aren’t any games on the schedule so we are going to review where we are at heading into the playoffs with just a handful of games left in the regular season.

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  • #1 Miami 51-28
  • #2 Boston 49-30
  • #3. Milwaukee 48-30
  • #4. Philadelphia 48-30
  • #5. Chicago 45-33
  • #6 Toronto 45-33
  • #7. Cleveland 43-36
  • #8 Atlanta 41-37
  • #9. Charlotte 40-38
  • #10 Brooklyn 40-38

These 10 teams have clinched a spot in the upcoming playoffs and the final games of the regular season will decide the final playoff positions. As it stands at the moment, Cleveland, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Brooklyn will be involved in play-in games beginning on April 12th.

Here is how the Play-In Structure works if the standings stay the same.

#7 Cleveland would host #8 Atlanta. The winner will automatically receive the #7 seed for the playoffs and would face Boston in the first round.

#9 Charlotte would host #10 Brooklyn. The winner of that game advances and the loser of the 9-10 game is eliminated. The winner of the 9-10 game travels to the loser of the 7-8 game and whoever wins that game will be the #8 seed for the playoffs and will play Miami in the first round.

Clear as mud, right?



  • #1 Phoenix 62-16
  • #2 Memphis 55-23
  • #3. Golden State 50-29
  • #4. Dallas 49-30
  • #5. Denver 47-32
  • #6. Utah 46-32
  • #7. Minnesota 45-34
  • #8. LA Clippers 39-40
  • #9. New Orleans 34-44
  • #10 San Antonio 33-45
  • #11 LA Lakers 31-47

As of now, there are 11 teams involved in the playoffs for the 10 spots in the Western conference. Phoenix and Memphis have clinched the top 2 seeds and the Clippers, Pelicans, Spurs, and Lakers are a cinch to be in the Play-In games. It will be an interesting week to decide who finishes where in the final standings, but it is very likely that the Lakers are going to be shut out, and a team with LeBron James, Anthony Davis (although he has missed most of the season), and Russell Westbrook on the roster, are going to be watching the entire playoffs.

If the playoffs started today the Play-In games would be:

#7 Minnesota hosting #8 Los Angeles Clippers with the winner gaining the #7 seed and moving to the first round against #2 Memphis.

#9 New Orleans would host #10 San Antonio with the winner traveling to the loser of the 7-8 game and the winner of that game advancing to play #1 Phoenix in the first round.

Stay tuned as we head back to action on Tuesday 4/5/22

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