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Previewing the AFC North: The Best Division in the AFC
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Previewing the AFC North: The Best Division in the AFC

With the arrival of the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs in 2020, this division is now at the top of the AFC and don’t look for much to change this season either. The Steelers are always good as are the Ravens and the Browns have joined those two. And, don’t count out the Bengals with franchise-type quarterback Joe Burrow. No game is easy in this division.

Ranking the Position Groups and Coaches:

Quarterbacks: 1. Browns, 2. Steelers, 3. Bengals, 4. Ravens

Running Backs: 1. Browns, 2. Ravens, 3. Bengals, 4. Steelers

Receivers: 1. Steelers, 2. Browns, 3. Bengals, 4. Ravens

Offensive Line: 1. Ravens, 2. Browns, 3.Bengals, 4. Steelers

Defensive Line: 1. Steelers, 2. Ravens, 3. Browns, 4. Bengals

Linebackers: Steelers, 2. Ravens, 3. Browns, 4. Bengals

Secondary: 1. Ravens, 2. Browns, 3. Steelers, 4. Bengals

Coaches: 1. Steelers, 2. Ravens, 3. Browns, 4. Bengals

Baltimore has had the league’s best rushing attack for the past two seasons largely because of quarterback Lamar Jackson’s ability to make plays with his feet. They are trying to get their passing attack to put more pressure on the secondaries of opposing team. They are well-coached as John Harbaugh is entering his 14th season as the head coach. A fourth straight playoff berth is expected.

The Browns broke a long struggle with futility by making the playoffs and winning a game for the first time in 26 years. Much is expected of them in 2021 and they made several offseason moves to improve needed areas. They have a lot of momentum and are full of potential. Can they handle the attention they are attracting?

Pittsburgh started the 2020 season by winning the first 11 games before losing 4 out of 5 and then a home playoff game against the Browns. That left a sour taste for a lot of Steelers fans. Big Ben is now 39 and he has taken a lot of hits. Is he starting to slow down as well as several other veterans?

The Bengals are getting better and are building around future star quarterback Joe Burrow. They added several new pieces in free agency and hope they can add others to the mix. Their future is bright but more patience is needed in Cincinnati.

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