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Predicting the Big-12 and American Athletic Conference Tournaments
Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports

Predicting the Big-12 and American Athletic Conference Tournaments

Big-12 Tournament Predictions: March 9-12

All games are played in Kansas City:

Favorites: Kansas 25-6, Baylor 26-5

Darkhorse: Texas Tech 23-8

Predictions: The Big-12 is a very balanced team, but I’m not sure there is an excellent team in the bunch. Kansas and Baylor are the most consistent and Texas Tech has shown they can hang with the big boys, but the rest of the field is going to have to catch fire, to win three in a row and win the tournament. Kansas always has the home crowd advantage, when the tourney is held in Kansas City, with their campus being 30 minutes away. So, that is always an issue for everyone but K-State and Iowa State. I think Baylor is playing the most consistent and if they can by the Red Raiders in the semis, they are my pick. PAPA DUDES PICK: Baylor

AAC Tournament Predictions: March 10-13

All games are played in Fort Worth, TX:

American Conference Tournament bracket.

Favorite: Houston 26-5

Darkhorse: Memphis 19-9, SMU 22-7

Bubble Teams: Memphis and SMU- Memphis is probably in if they win their first round game, and definitely in if they get to the finals. SMU has to get to the finals and hope some other fortunate things happen.

Predictions: Houston is the favorite, but they are going to have to beat a Memphis team that beat them soundly in Houston, and at Memphis last Saturday. The Tigers are playing very well and are fighting their way into the Big Dance. They will more than likely have to beat a decent UCF club in the quarters and SMU in the semis. And, keep in mind, the game with SMU is in their backyard and they will have a crowd advantage. I’m going with the favorite in this one. PAPA DUDES PICK: Houston

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