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It’s Conference Championship Weekend to Determine Who’s In and Who’s Out of the Playoffs.
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It’s Conference Championship Weekend to Determine Who’s In and Who’s Out of the Playoffs.

The regular season is over and we head into Championship Weekend which will be the final step to determine the playoff picture. There is still a bunch of stuff that can happen that can change what most of us think will be the final outcome. All we know for sure, at the moment, is Georgia is in. There is still a lot of drama ahead for the other three finalists. Let’s take a look at what is out there to be decided this week.


1. Georgia 12-0: They are in the playoffs no matter what happens against Alabama. The only drama for them is if they lose, they probably won’t be the No.1 seed. Our current percentage of them making it to the Final Four is 100%.

2. Michigan 11-1: After their performance Saturday against Ohio State, they should move up to No.2. They physically dominated the favored Buckeyes. They have to avoid a letdown and not overlook a pesky Iowa team in Indianapolis on Saturday. Their percentage to get in is at 75%.

3. Cincinnati 12-0: The Bearcats should be No.3, but probably will be 4th. They finished the regular season unbeaten and have one more mountain to climb against one-loss Houston. They get a break that the game is on their home field. Can they handle one more pressure-packed situation? Their percentage is up to 70%.

4. Alabama 11-1: Barring a bunch of unforeseen circumstances happening, Alabama’s only route to the playoffs is beating Georgia on Saturday. If they can pull that off, and Cincinnati and Michigan wins, the Big-12 champions and Notre Dame are out. But, the Alabama team we have seen the last two weeks doesn’t look like a winner against Georgia. Playoff percentage is 25%.

5. Notre Dame 11-1: One would think that the lack of a Conference Championship would really hurt the chances for Notre Dame. However, they still have a legitimate shot. If Michigan or Oklahoma State loses in their conference championship games, their chances are greatly enhanced. They also need Georgia to knock off Alabama. Playoff percentage is 20%

6. Oklahoma State 11-1: Their win over Oklahoma Saturday night, has propelled them into the picture. Again, one would think, they have an advantage over Notre Dame because they have a conference championship game left against Baylor this week, and a victory over a 10-2 team should allow them to jump the Irish. They play at 11 AM on Saturday, and if they win, they will be rooting their Cowboy asses off for Georgia to beat Alabama. They also would love to see Cincinnati or MIchigan lose. So, their road is pretty clear; beat Baylor and hope Georgia continues their dominance. Playoff percentage is 50%

7. Iowa 10-2, Oregon 10-2, Baylor 10-2: I just mention these teams, but there is hardly any chance of any of them making it. Considering that Georgia is already in, Notre Dame is ahead of them and has no risk of losing this week, they are playing for one of the two remaining spots. If Iowa and Baylor win their championship games knocking off Michigan and Oklahoma State, it could happen I suppose. Their chances are 1%, only because, nothing is impossible.

It should be another great week of football and Dudes will be all over it for sure. We will have articles all week on the Championship games and podcasts on Monday night at 6:00 and Thursday at noon.

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