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How We See it After Week 10 in College Football

How We See it After Week 10 in College Football

Three weeks left in the regular season. To a college football junkie, like myself, it is hard to believe we are at this point. And, there is so much that still has to play out to get to the finish line.. Each week, brings unforeseen results that screw up everything that we think is going to happen Let’s look at a lot of issues and take a look at how we see it going into Week 10.

  • 1. Georgia 9-0: They obviously will be first. Our current percentage of them making the playoffs is 90%.
  • 2. Alabama 8-1: Why do we have them 2nd? Very simple; they would be favored over every team in the country except Georgia. However, with each passing week, they are showing that they are NOT the team they have been in the past. As it stands now, they are going to have to win out and beat Georgia to get in. Their percentage to get in is at 25%.
  • 3. Cincinnati 9-0: I’m stubborn and I’m keeping them at three, because they are unbeaten and have a win on the road against a very good Notre Dame team. However, the people who matter the most, (the playoff committee), have pretty much told the Bearcats to take a hike. Their percentage has dropped to 25%.
  • 4. Ohio State 8-1: I don’t give a damn that Oregon beat them head-to-head in the 2nd game of the season. The Ducks lost to a 3-6 Stanford team that was beaten 52-7 by unranked Utah on their home field, Friday night. Playoff percentage is 45%.
  • 5. Michigan 8-1: I think they are the 2nd best team in the Big-10 even though they lost to Michigan State. I think the Spartans are going to lose somewhere else along the way and if Michigan can beat Penn State, it will come down to Ohio State and the Wolverines for the East division title. Playoff percentage is 45%
  • 6. Oklahoma 9-0: They officially begin their quest to reach the playoffs at Waco this week. The committee has made it pretty clear that barring a lot of unforeseen circumstances, a one-loss Big-12 game is out. It’s all out there for this unpredictable team. Playoff percentage is 30%
  • 7. Michigan State 8-1: Despite the crushing loss on Saturday, the Spartans still have a shot at the Big-10 title and a berth in the playoffs. They have to win their last three games against Maryland, at Ohio State, and at home against Penn State to win the East division. Then they would have to defeat the winner from the West for the Big-10 championship. Playoff percentage is 10%
  • 8. Oregon 8-1: Sorry Oregon, your body of work doesn’t stack up despite the fact that you beat Ohio State in Columbus. The PAC-12 has exactly ONE TEAM in the Top-25 and that is you. When you have completed your schedule, your best opponent will have lost at least three games. And you lost to a 3-6 Stanford team!!! But, because of the Playoff Committee’s opinion. your Playoff percentage is 40%
  • 9. Notre Dame 8-1: The Irish will be in, at the least ,the top 6 if they win out. Playoff percentage is 15%
  • 10. Oklahoma State 8-1: They have to win out and hope for a lot of stuff to happen to make it. Playoff percentage is 15%
  • Texas A&M: The Aggies win over Auburn kept them with a chance to still win the SEC West. Now, they have to win the rest of their games and root for Arkansas or Auburn to beat Alabama.
  • Oklahoma State: The Cowboys went into West Virginia and left Morgantown with a convincing 24-3 over the Mountaineers. They have a home game with TCU and a trip to Texas Tech and if they can win those two, it sets up Bedlam against hated Oklahoma.
  • Arkansas: The Razorbacks won a battle of two 5-3 teams by holding off Mississippi State 30-28. They have a great shot, at the least, an 8-4 record and a good bowl game.
  • Army: While it has nothing to do with the playoffs, the Cadets broke a 3-game losing streak and defeated Air Force 21-14, in overtime. This keeps them as the favorite to claim the Commander’s Trophy given to the champion military school.
  • Any team with a legitimate chance to make the playoffs and survived with a W: It’s all about winning at this point, no matter how it happens. Several in the Top-8 struggled to survive and most won close ones
  • Wake Forest: Their chance of making the playoffs was minimal at best, but now it is zero. They still have a shot at an ACC title if they can refocus and win the last three. It won’t be easy as they will have to beat NC State this week at Winston-Salem and Clemson and Boston College on the road. I’m pulling for them.
  • Michigan State: Despite the loss at Purdue, the Spartans still have playoff hopes. They have to bounce back and win the rest of their games.
  • Baylor: The Bears lost a close one to TCU and pretty much lost all hope of a Big-12 title. They can salvage a bunch with a win over Oklahoma this week.
  • Kentucky: Despite making 35 first downs, having 612 total yards, running over 100 offensive plays, and having a 46-minute to 14-minute edge in time of possession, they still managed to lose at home to Tennessee. They lost their third straight and are on a freefall.
  • Florida: After Saturday’s loss to South Carolina, the Gators are now 4-5 and there are calls for Dan Mullen’s job.
  • Texas: The Longhorns dropped their 4th straight with a 30-7 loss to Iowa State. They are now 4-5 could lose a couple of more.
  • Nebraska: Everyone thinks the Huskers are awful, let’s take a look at their losses.
  • No.1: 30-22 at 4-6 Illinois. Ok, that’s not a good loss
  • No.2: 23-16 at undefeated 9-0 Oklahoma. That’s a pretty good effort against the No.4 team.
  • No.3: 23-20 at 8-1 Michigan State. The Spartans were undefeated until last week and are still ranked No.8.
  • No.4: 32-29 to 8-1 Michigan. The Wolverines are ranked No.9.
  • No.5: 30-23 at 6-3 Minnesota. This is hardly a bad loss.
  • No.6 23-28 to 6-3 Purdue: The Boilermakers have ended both Iowa’s and Michigan State’s undefeated seasons. They are pretty good.
  • No.7 17-26 to 8-1 Ohio State. The Buckeyes are No.6 and escaped with a hard-fought win.
  • There are a lot of teams who would be 3-7 against this schedule. Not apologizing for them, just pointing out, they aren’t as bad as people think.
  • Purdue at Ohio State: Can the Boilermakers knock off another Top-5 team?
  • Michigan at Penn State: The Wolverines have to win this week on the road against a good team, to stay in the hunt.
  • Oklahoma at Baylor: The Sooners have to beat the Bears in Waco. This will be a major test.
  • Notre Dame at Virginia: Dangerous game for the Irish against the 6-3 Cavaliers.

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