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Free NHL Picks, Best Bets, and Parlays For 2/22/22
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Free NHL Picks, Best Bets, and Parlays For 2/22/22

Picking hockey games has been a challenge since the teams have came back from the All-Star break. If you come out with a winning margin, you are doing well.

We missed the Best Bet of the Day for the third time in five tries as we are focusing on hockey. That leaves our record at 2-3.

We are continuing to struggle, as is everyone else, picking winners and we finished on the plus side going 3-2. Our overall record is at 19-17.

Let’s see what we can come up with for the six scheduled games on today’s slate.

*PAPA DUDES BEST BET OF THE DAY* New York Islanders at Seattle: This is a game between two teams that aren’t very good. That is never a good game to bet on, but it is the only one tonight that I can has the value I am looking for. Seattle always plays hard and they are usually competitive. I think they have a shot to win this one in their home building. PAPA DUDES BEST BET: Bet the MoneyLine on Seattle +130

Nashville at Florida: Maybe the best match-up on tonight’s schedule. The Panthers are one of the best teams in the league and Nashville is dangerous when they are playing well. However, they are struggling coming into this one. PAPA DUDES PICK: Florida

Minnesota at Ottawa: Clearly, Minnesota should be the winner in this matchup between two teams heading in opposite directions. But, in hockey, one never knows what the mental state of a favored team might be, especially on the road. The Wild are a heavy favorite and it is too risky to take the Senators. PAPA DUDES PICK: Minnesota

St.Louis at Philadelphia: The Blues are clearly the better team, but these are the kinds of teams they lose too. They are coming off a great win in Toronto and are at the end of a 4-game trip. The Flyers are one of the worst teams in the league and I just can’t make myself pick them, but I wouldn’t blame anyone for taking a shot on them. . PAPA DUDES PICK: St.Louis

Toronto at Columbus: Last night we picked Toronto over Montreal and didn’t even hesitate. Boy, were we wrong or what? The Canadiens ambushed them in an easy win. This game has upset capabilities as the Blue Jackets are a decent pick to beat them. But, I just can’t pull the trigger and have to stay with the Leafs. PAPA DUDES PICK: Toronto

San Jose at Anaheim: Finally, we have another game that has some betting value to it. Both teams are struggling, but the Sharks are in worse shape than the Ducks, plus the game is in Anaheim. PAPA DUDES PICK: Bet the MoneyLine on Anaheim -160


Leg 1: Bet the MoneyLine on Columbus +190

Leg 2: Bet the MoneyLine on Seattle +130

Bet $15 with a Payout of $85.05

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