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Free NHL Hockey Parlay 1/26/22
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Free NHL Hockey Parlay 1/26/22

The main goals of this site is to provide picks for nearly every gameevery night, for all the major sports. Along with that, we also want to offer more parlays for free, which is what I’ve started to do in the NHL. I have been betting on the NHL for nearly 10 years now, and cover it full time for the website, as it is my best ROI other than horse racing, which is obviously my go to wager! Remember you can always find our FREE WIN PICKS for every game in the NHL every night be going here: FREE NHL WIN PICKS.

Last night, we cashed in with our parlay, winning $140.21!! Let’s see what we have tonight!

Tonight’s 3-team Parlay:

Let’s invest $40 into tonight’s wager with a possible return of $100.40 to get things going tonight! That’s 5/2 odds on getting the three favorited home tonight. Good luck to everyone!

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