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Free NBA Picks, Best Bets, and Parlays For 2/9/22
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Free NBA Picks, Best Bets, and Parlays For 2/9/22

I feel like a surfer riding a big wave as my bets in the NBA have been cashing for the past four days. Enough said, enough brag. Don’t jinx it idiot.

We cashed another Best Bet, as my go-to Grizzlies covered another spread easily defeating the Clippers 135-109. After a horrible 5-10 beginning in 2022, we have rallied and our Best Bet of the Day record continues to climb and stands at 31-17.

Betting the Money Line was perfect until Portland lost to the Magic so we ended up 9-1 for the night. That improves our record to 164-72 for 2022.

There are 6 games on the schedule tonight so let’s get after it.

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Papa Dudes Best Bet for the NBA Today

San Antonio 20-34 at Cleveland 33-21 (-6): The Spurs are very inconsistent and haven’t played in awhile. I doubt that matters much. but they should be rested. Cleveland is the better team by far, but these are the type of games that good teams overlook sometimes. However, the spread is reasonable and even if the Cavs are not at their best they should be able to cover.


3-Team Parlay: There really is nothing I like tonight but here is a fun one if you have $10 you don’t mind losing.

Leg 1: San Antonio at Cleveland (-6): Bet Cleveland -6. Cavs should cover this.

Leg 2: Toronto (-9.5) at OKC: Bet the Thunder +9.5. Stranger things have happened.

Leg 3: Minnesota (-9) at Sacramento: Bet Sacramento +9 This is the 2nd game of a back-to-back and the Kings might bounce back.

BET $10 with a payout of $59.58

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